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The Meatball Sub

Often times when I ask my husband what he wants for dinner, he responds with “whatever” or “something easy” or “whatever you are willing to make.”  This time though, there was something he wanted.  It as a meatball sandwich.

If you have been reading this blog for a while this should come to no surprise to you, but I don’t like beef meatballs. Well, really I don’t like beef….unless its in the form of steak.  However,  I was still excited that he actually came up with something for me to make that was different from the usual.  We decided to compromise and make the meatballs out of ground chicken.

The recipe that I used is from Can You Stay for Dinner? and you can find the recipe here.

They weren’t really difficult to make – except that I’m not really a fan of getting my hands full of raw meat . But I survived, and I think it was worth it to know exactly what was in my meatballs – rather than just buying them pre-made.

Meatball Sub

Of course the sandwiches were topped with fresh mozzarella.  I’m pretty sure it is my favorite kind of cheese.  Mmmmmmm….. cheese……

Meatball Sub

I’m sure I liked these more than I would have liked them if they were beef, but the ground meat texture just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t mind it at all in chili, but I don’t really enjoy the texture in sandwich form.  That being said,  Idid like the flavor of it.  Maybe if I made the meatballs smaller it would solve my problem?  And maybe add more cheese? Cheese solves all of life’s problems right? 😉

Ease: B, not too many steps, but there is definitely some work involved.
Taste: B-, meh.  I don’t know, maybe it was because I didn’t grow up on hamburgers as a kid so I’m not used to the texture?

Would I make it again? I think my husband would really like me to, but unless he was the only one eating them I’m not sure that I would.  Especially if I had to get my hands all meaty again.  Eew.


Well, I’m off to Chicago for the weekend!  I’m looking forward to eating some delicious food, and hopefully taking some good photos if the weather is cooperative.  Oh, and I’m working while I’m there….I suppose that is the main reason that I’m going….

What are your plans for this lovely weekend?

Any delicious restaurants that I should eat at in the Chicago area?

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  1. Well I’ll tell you one thing- the melted cheese made me smile and it’s only 7am 🙂

    Thanks for giving them a try!

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