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Restaurant Review: Freshberry

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

One of the things on my “Must Do” list when going to Chicago last weekend (besides work obligations of course 😉 ) was Froyo.  There is a frozen yogurt place called Berry Chill (Now closed as of 2/13) that is a few blocks from where I usually stay while I am down there for work.  Well, I should say there WAS.  I was informed on the way down that Berry Chill is currently “Closed Until Further Notice.” (note: I did get a tweet from them after I returned that informed me not to worry because “they will be back soon” whatever that means.)

Aaaaahhhh!!  Nooooo!!  Commence Froyo Freakout!!

Ok, maybe thats a bit dramatic.  There has to be other frozen yogurt places in Chicago right? Luckily my awesome Twitter friends helped me find some alternatives.  One of those places was Freshberry.

Freshberry Sign

We went there at about 830pm on a Saturday night and it was empty.  I was kind of concerned.  But, empty also means no waiting in line.

I got the “mini” size (I think that is what it was called?) Which is a size smaller than the small and only included 2 toppings instead of 3.  I got the original tart flavor yogurt with strawberries and mango.


It was delicious!  The size was perfect too!

Overall this place was a good replacement for my usual, but there was one issue that bothered me – they didn’t have a list of what toppings you could add!  Yes, you can see the toppings when you walk up to order, but I like to have a list so that I know my options.  This not only makes ordering easier, but it makes me sure that I am getting what I intend to!   I asked the person working (there was only 1 person working at the time as far as I could tell) if there was a list of the toppings and his response basically was “This is what we have” pointing at the selection in front of him.  This frustrated me, but (obviously) didn’t stop me from enjoying some delicious frozen yogurt.

Taste: A, definitely good.  Just what I was looking for in Froyo.
Cost: A, pretty much what you would expect for a fancy frozen yogurt place.

Would I go there again? Yeah,  I think so.  However, seeing how few people were there, and the less than enthusiastic attitude of the employee, I hope its still there when I go back.

someone also recommended a place called Forever Yogurt that is the kind of Froyo place with the self serve yogurt and toppings.  I’ve never been to a place like that and I’ve always wanted to go!  Unfortunately, it wasn’t convenient to get to this time, but hopefully next time!

Obviously we need more Frozen Yogurt Shops in Madison!
I know there is a Red Mango on State Street, but that is the only one I know of.
Someone please tell me there are others that I just don’t know of and are hiding here somewhere?!?

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  1. This post made me think of my constant dilemma, which is that I don’t know the difference between ice cream/gelato/custard/frozen yogurt. I think I shall do some research…

  2. The chocolate was delicious as well.

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