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Restaurant Review: Pizzeria Via Stato

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

With so many delicious sounding restaurants in the area, it is often hard to decide where to go.  Especially when you have 6 people’s opinions to take into account.   This was the case for dinner the Saturday night when we were down in Chicago.  After much deliberation, we decided on Pizzeria Via Stato. It was only a few blocks away from the hotel, and had something everyone could agree on: pizza.

Pizzeria Via Stato

When we got there we realized that Pizzeria via Stato is part of Osteria Via Stato.  They are in the same space – however they have two different menu’s and two different seating areas.  There was a wait when we got there – they said 15-30 minutes.  Not a big deal, going out to eat on a Saturday night in Chicago I would imagine there to be some amount of wait almost everywhere.  Especially with 6 people.

Fun Fact: This restaurant is connected to an Embassy Suites.  All (that I have come across?) Embassy Suites have free snacks and drinks during happy hour.  So, if you happen to be waiting for dinner near an Embassy Suites, head over to the bar area and snack on some chips and salsa or pretzels while you are waiting!  🙂

So we snacked on some chips while we waited.  And it was a good thing we did.  The wait that we had anticipated being as little as 15 minutes looked to have no end in sight.  You see, the Pizzeria area of the restaurant is about the size of a bar seating area.  Since we were a party of 6, there was 1 table that could fit us all.  And the people at the table looked like they were just about to finish…….they had since we walked in.  So, about an hour passes and we ask someone if they have a better idea of when our table will be ready – I’m pretty sure at this point they realized how long it had been and did their best to try to encourage the people at that table to wrap up their conversations and head out the door.

We finally got seated.

I ordered a glass of morrellino di scansano.  I don’t have any idea really what kind of red wine that is, but it was listed under the red wines so I figured I was safe – it was delicious!  Definitely hit the spot after a long day.


Since we had been waiting a while and were quite hungry at this point, we ordered an appetizer to start.  We decided on the appetizer sampler platter.  I don’t honestly remember what exactly it had on it, but there were definitely olives, peppers, salami type meats, cheeses, bean spread and bread.  It was a bit exotic for my taste, but the bread was really good, and everyone else seemed to enjoy the rest of it.

Appetizer Platter

For dinner we each picked a different kind of pizza.

I had the artichoke white pizza: braised artichokes, hand pulled mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, and white truffle oil.

Artichoke Pizza

The husband had pepperoni red pizza: crispy pepperoni, mozzarella and tomato sauce.

Pepperoni Pizza

My brother had the monthly special pizza which was crispy pork: crispy pork, spring garlic, balsamic onions and chives.

Crispy Pork Pizza

My brother’s girlfriend had the four cheese white pizza: hand pulled mozzarella, young pecorino, goat cheese and parmagiano.

Four Cheese Pizza

My dad had the margherita red pizza: san marzano tomatoes, hand pulled mozzarella and basil.

Margherita Pizza

My mom had the mushroom red pizza: mushroom, vidalia onion, mozarella and tomato sauce.  Unfortuantely I don’t have a photo of her picture.  Probably because we were all so eager to eat!

All of the pizza was delicious!  Ok, I didn’t actually try the pork or the mushroom pizza, but the others were good! I think the best part about them was the delicious thin crispy crust!  Since we each got a different kind of pizza, we traded some pieces around so that we could try bites of all of them.  Our plates ended up looking something like this:

Share Pizza

That really is the best way to eat pizza.

Overall, the meal was very good!  Although the wait was kind of long, it was definitely worth it!

Taste: A+, one of the best thin crust pizza’s I think I’ve ver had!
Cost: B, it was a higher end pizza place for sure, but I think that you get what you pay for.

Would I go there again? Yeah I think so.  Delicious, unique think crust pizza is not easy to find!

Pizzeria Via Stato on Urbanspoon


I realize that this is not your typical “chicago style” pizza.  I have had that kind of pizza in the past, and it is delicious as well – but much more filling than thin crust! However, Chicago has a HUGE restaurant scene – including different kinds of pizza.  It is pretty impressive actually, and  is definitely one of the things that brings me back!

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  1. That pizza looks delicious! I wish I was going to have time this weekend to try it out!

  2. yummm that makes me want pizza now!! love all the restaurant reviews you do by the way, especially the Madison ones! The out of town ones make me jealous I can’t go there to try them. 🙂 But after having been away from Madison for almost 4 years there a lot of new places and I enjoy reading your thoughts about them. I’ll def know where to go when we move back!! 🙂

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