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Isthmus Green Day Expo

Yesterday I sucked it up and went out in the crazy crappy weather that we were having. (It is APRIL why is it SNOWING?!?)  I went down to the Monona Terrace for the 4th annual Isthmus Green Day Expo.  I was curious to see all of the different vendors that were there.

In case it isn’t clear what this event is about, I think the Isthmus explains it simply in this statement:

… it’s all about making a few smart choices and a few simple changes, to get a little greener and help save our planet for the future.

Tickets cost $5 – however if you walk, bus or bike you got in free! OR you could bring a donation for Goodwill to get in free! Luckily, I have a stash of things to be donated that is piling up, so I grabbed a bag to donate.


Green Day

After planning to go and donate, I realized that part of my 101 in 1001 list was to donate 3 bags to Goodwill, so this counts as 1 bag! Woo Hoo!

Side Note: Do you see the carpeting in the background of me holding the ticket? That is what 90% of the carpeting looks like at the Monona Terrace.  That is also the #1 reason why – even though the view is BEAUTIFUL out over the lake, I would not have my wedding reception there.  I’m not sure if there is ANY theme that would match that ugly carpeting.  Especially not blue and white snowflakes.

Anyways. The expo was actually worth going to.  There were a bunch of different vendors there, as well as different speakers every so often.  There wasn’t anyone speaking while I was there, but  I did check out the booths.

Some of the highlights, for me, were obviously food related.  (although I do like Tabby and Jacks, and Dane Buy Local as well)  First stop was at the Whole Foods booth.

I sampled some delicious banana bread.

Banana Bread

I also sampled a piece of their local version of grilled cheese – Pleasant Ridge Reserve Cheese, Quince and Apple Small Batch Pear Preserves, and Whole Foods market hearth bread.

Grilled Cheese

This was SOOO goood!!!  I will definitely be attempting to remake this at home sometime.

Next I stopped by the Willy St Co-Op booth!  There I tried Kombucha for the first time!  Ok, so not technically the first time.  I had it one time not knowing what kombucha was and expecting it to be juice.  Yeah, I was not a fan.  This time it was Nesalla raspberry kombucha that I tried.


This Kombucha I actually really liked! The bar type thing that is also in the photo was some kind of peanutty bar….I’m not entirely sure what all was in it because there were no signs that I could see, but pretty much all I tasted was peanut.  I’m not a fan of super peanut tasting things, so as you can imagine, I was not a fan of that bar.

Overall it was fun to see all of the eco-concious vendors, and definitely worth checking out in the future. (especially for free! 🙂 )

I also found a bunch of really fun eco-friendly patio furniture that I LOVE.  Well, when I have a functional outdoor place to put it.


LOVE IT!  I don’t remember exactly what this chair was made out of but it is made by Amish Craftsmen II.  Luckily I also couldn’t find a price on it, so I wasn’t tempted to buy it on the spot. 🙂

After the Green Expo, I went down to the Capital Square to check out the Farmer’s Market.  There was also a rally and protests going on (seems to be the norm in Madison these days) so I didn’t get far.  I did snap a picture of some cheese curds though…..just in case you needed proof. 🙂

Cheese Curds

Never had fresh squeaky cheese curds before? Well, now you have a reason to come visit Madison, WI! 🙂 Vegan? Not a fan of cheese? Check out this post from my vegan friend Ashley, or maybe these posts from Heather, and then tell me you still don’t want to visit! 🙂

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  1. the expo looked pretty good! and hooray for getting in free! 🙂

    sarah palin was in madison yesterday (to a not very warm reception, from what i heard). that’s probably the chaos around the capital that you mentioned!

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