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Product Review: Brown Cow Greek Yogurt

I am challenging myself to try Greek Yogurt.  I am doing this in an effort to expand my food horizons, and gain more information about the benefits of Greek Yogurt.  I’m hoping to give it a fair shot by trying different kinds as I go.  I am not being paid for these reviews in any way, and these are my honest opinions.

What, you thought I was done with my Greek Yogurt taste tests? Well, I found a couple of other varieties that I want to try, so even though I definitely found ones that I like, I’m still going to keep trying others when I find them.

I found a coupon for Brown Cow Greek Yogurt on their website (you can too!) so I thought I’d try it!

Brown Cow Yogurt

Again I went with the strawberries to pair with my plain yogurt. I am SO excited that Strawberries are coming back into season!!

Brown Cow Yogurt

Overall the taste was very similar to the other good yogurts that I have tried.  It was a bit more creamy though which I enjoyed.  The taste was definitely on par with Chobani and Fage – which I would say are my top two favorites. (with Oikos close behind.)

Health Benefits:
Brown Cow Greek Yogurt is all natural – no preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners or refined sugars.

They are also American Humane Certified.  This means that their cows live in a happy environment, and they don’t use any artificial growth hormones.  Wait.  Actually, as I read further, I realize that the little *asterisk* indicates that their Greek Yogurt is not yet humane certified.  Hopefully this is just a process that takes time, and they will all be certified soon!

As with many other yogurts, they also contain live and active cultures.  These help promote good digestion and help to keep the bad bacteria under control.  As far as the protein content goes (because that is one thing that I definitely enjoy about Greek Yogurt as opposed to regular yogurt.) it has 15g in the 5.3oz container that I ate.  Chobani is still the highest at 18g, but 15g is still pretty darn good!

They are also certified gluten-free AND certified kosher!

Taste: A, it is definitely among my favorites! Not too tart, and I definitely like the creamier texture
Cost: B, it was not super cheap – although I don’t know that I’d consider any of the better Greek Yogurts as “super cheap.”  The regular price at my grocery store is $1.59 for a small container.  My coupon was for $.50 off of 2, so the final price for 1 was $1.34.

Looks like I’ve found another brand of Greek Yogurt that I like!

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