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Knitting to Give

If you have been reading this little blog for a while, you know that I am an avid knitter.  I even did a couple of  Knitting 101 posts for Heather as a part of last year’s Handmade Christmas!  Sometimes I knit because I have a particular person in mind that I am knitting for, and sometimes I knit just to knit.  Because its fun.  Some people like to read in their spare time, I knit.  I knit so much that I often have knit items just hanging around waiting for me to do something with them.

A while back I found a website called Craft Hope.  Through Craft Hope, you can find different projects every few months to make and then donate to causes all over the world.  Sometimes they are quite involved, and sometimes they are very simple.   Back in January of 2010, they organized a project to donate red scarves to The Orphan Foundation Red Scarf Project.

This was when I decided I would start donating my knit goods that had started to pile up.

I happened to have two red scarves that I had knit that were just sitting in my craft room waiting to be gifted to someone.  So I decided to donate them to this project!


These are not the scarves that I donated, but an example of some other scarves that I knit.  (See I told you I had a LOT of extra knit goods laying around)

Most recently I have been knitting bracelets.  They are SO easy and fast to knit and they look so cute when they are done!  So what happens when I love a project? I make a lot of them.

Since I started making knit bracelets, I have donated them to two different blog raffles – Katie’s Nicaragua Make/Bake Sale and Heather’s Raffle for Life.

Purple Bracelets

A couple of weeks ago, Craft Hope announced their new project: They are collecting bracelets through Orphan Outreach to send  to kids in Russia.

This project was perfect timing.  I had knit some extra bracelets, so why not donate them?


Sometimes the Craft Hope projects are pretty intense – like making and donating a whole quilt.  This project, however, is very easy.  Basically the only specifications are that it has to be a bracelet, and it has to be handmade.

I highly encourage you to make some bracelets and donate!  You can find all of the information about Craft Hope, Orphan Outreach, and how to donate to this project on CraftHope.com.  The deadline to donate is June 15, 2011 so you still have plenty of time do get a little crafty and make a bracelet for a kid in need!

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  1. that’s awesome kelly! too bad nobody would want anything that i knitted…oh, and too bad i gave away my knitting supplies for that very reason! 😉

  2. What a great idea, something that even young knitters can do.

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