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Breakfast Roll Up

Breakfast Roll Up

It seems as though Caitlin’s blog is my current go-to blog to breakfast food ideas.  Remember a while ago when I made her grilled banana sandwich?  This breakfast roll up has a similar theme:  grilled bananas.  You can find the recipe here.

Breakfast Roll Up

Have you tried grilled bananas yet?  They are SO good.  They are right up there with grilled pineapple on the list of delicious grilled fruits.  Although, I’m not sure I’ve grilled any other fruits….so maybe those are the only two on the list.  Either way, grilled banana is deliicous – and good for you!

This recipe was very easy.  Although  I should have used a larger pan to cook the tortilla. Tip: make sure that your tortilla is not larger than your pan or it makes it much harder to make sure everything cooks evenly.

I did not put nut butter on mine – because I don’t like nut butter.  Unless it is Nutella.  Even though I’m sure it would be delicious, smearing Nutella all over a tortilla kind of defeats the point of this being a generally healthy food.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this.  The combination of egg, tortilla, cinnamon, and banana seemed a little odd – but I actually really liked it!  Not only did it taste good but it was filling too!

Ease: A-, it is a little bit of work to cook the tortilla, but not too bad.
Taste: A, it was surprisingly really good!  Not super sweet but just sweet enough that it was delicious!

Would I make it again? I think so.  I wonder what I could put on the tortilla instead of nut butter?  Anyone have an idea?  Maybe I’ll make one with Nutella.  Just to say I did it 😉


How is your weekend so far?  Anyone have big plans? Any fun events going on in Madison that I should know about?

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  1. We’ll have to try grilling bananas! Peaches are really good, too.

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