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Group Buys Roundup

A big trend right now is sites that will sell you gift certificates for places or activities for deep discounts.  I bet everyone has heard of Groupon, or maybe Living Social, but there are actually a LOT of other smaller group buy websites that have great deals as well.  I thought I’d share some of those sites with you.

What do I buy from these group buy sites?  Well, its hard sometimes to resist things that I might not “need” to buy.  Sometimes I do splurge,  but most of the time, though, I stick to buying things that I would normally spend money on.  Things like restaurants, places I regularly shop, and the occasional manicure or massage.

Here are some of the sites that I use:


Groupon LogoThis is probably the most common group buy site.  It is in a lot more cities than most of the rest of them. As with the other sites, the deals are 50 – 90% off popular businesses, services, and experiences.   I have bought several deals from this site in the past few months, including most recently $20 at Westfield Comics for $10.

I should also note – this is a nationwide site.  Often there will be deals for websites as well as brick and mortar businesses.  I am currently subscribed to the Madison deals and the Milwaukee and Chicago deals, since I visit down there often enough.

Living Social

Living Social LogoI would guess this is the second most known group deal site – I think this and Groupon are the top two.  Living Social offers daily discounts of up to 90% off of local dining, shopping and activities.  This one I also subscribe to Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago.  Interesting to note: when selecting what area’s you want to receive offers from, (for Milwaukee and Chicago at least) there are options for a “family deals” email for that area.  I have bought several deals from this site including (most recently) $15 for a two year subscription to EveryDay with Rachel Ray Magazine!

Moocho Moocho

Moocho Moocho LogoThis is a local Madison group deal site.  Just like the others they offer 50-90% off of local eateries, shopping and experiences.  I’m not sure how I found this site, but I stumbled across it one day and have been pretty happy with the offers.  Since it is specifically Madison only, they often have more local places than some of the others.  Most recently I bought a certificate for $4 for $8 worth of food at the Dandelion Vegetarian Food Cart.

Get My Perks

Get My Perks LogoGet my perks is the site name, however the local page is called My Madison Perks.  I thought that My Madison Perks was another local site, but it appears that there are My Perks pages for about 20 different cites across the US.  They offer  the same deep discounts as the other sites.  I have not personally bought anything from them yet – in fact, I just found out about them last week when my Mom gifted me a certificate for Metcalfes Floral Department that she had bought from them!

Deal Pulp

Deal Pulp LogoThis group buy site is unique because it is specifically for website deals.  I haven’t bought anything from this site yet, but there have been lots of offers for many different kids product websites, jewelry websites and bath and body websites.


Heartsy LogoThis is another group buy site that I recently found.  This site offers daily discount deals for different Etsy shops.  (don’t know what Etsy is?  If you are a crafter, or a lover of handmade items, go check it out.  I promise you will love it….and possibly get sucked in for hours.)  I have not bought anything from this site yet, but there have been lots of great offers.


Eversave LogoEversave is not available in Madison yet, but I do follow the Milwaukee and Chicago saves just in case something amazing pops up.  It is available in a lot of other cities though!


Moolala LogoMoolala is another deal site that I’m not sure where I found.  It has the same kind of deals as the rest of the sites.  There are Madison deals – as well as deals for smaller cities in Wisconsin such as Green Bay, LaCrosse and Eau Claire.  The most recent deal that I bought on this site was $19 for for $70 worth of Organic Produce from My Organic Acres.

So, those are the daily group deal sites that I use.
Are there any that you use that I missed?

And just because we are talking about great deals…..

Today is Free Redbox Day!  All that you have to do it “like” Redbox on Facebook (don’t worry you can always “unlike” them later) and then go to this site and they will give you a code for a free rental!  But it is today only, so don’t miss out!  

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  1. thanks for this, kelly! i haven’t heard of a couple of these & just signed up. 🙂

    • Yay! There are also a couple of other local ones that I just found. One is through Channel3000.com (Channel 3’s website) I think and the other is through the Isthmus (www.thedailypage.com) There might even be one through Madison.com It seems like everyone is doing these deals!

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