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Garlic Greek Olive Garlic Hummus

Remember a while back when I professed my hatred for Garbanzo Beans?   Check out this post if you are not familiar.  Basically a restaurant job that I had a while back scarred me for life.

Now I’m sure you are wondering why in the world I would try hummus, when that is the main ingredient.  There are a couple of reasons.

First – this blog is all about me trying new things, and  there are SO many people out there that love Garbanzo Beans – or Chickpea’s if that is what you’d rather call them – that I thought I’d give them a try.  Also, they are pretty darn nutritious as well, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to add them into by diet.

Second – my husband came home one night and asked me if I’d had hummus – he had just had it for the first time.  He really liked it. He told me it tasted mostly like garlic – in dip form.

Honestly, it was mostly the second reason that convinced me to give this a try.

The recipe I used is from Then Heather Said.  You can find it here.


The recipe was not hard at all.  That is one thing that I love about dips and spreads – the food processor does all of the work!

I keep going back and forth about weather I liked it or not.  It definitely does have a strong garlic flavor – which is a good thing – but then sometimes I taste the beans and things its a little bit gross.

Overall I’d say that I like it enough to eat it if I’m really hungry, but I’m not sure if I’d buy it or order it for myself.

Ease: A, you really just throw a bunch of stuff into a food processor and blend!
Taste: B-/C+, I definitely did not dislike it as much as  I thought I would.  But I didn’t love it either.

Would I make it again? If I liked it more I definitely would!  Mabye the taste will grow on me?  Or I will get over my scars……..I think the first step is calling them chickpeas instead of garbanzos….


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Peanut Butter Dog Treats

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  1. I love hummus, as does my hubby, and I agree that the food processor (or blender, before I had a food processor) does most of the work when making it. Maybe that’s why I like it so much… 😀

    Keep in mind there are lots of different “flavors” of hummus, too. Some are less bean-y than others, so you might want to try another one down the line. 🙂

  2. I definitely think chickpeas sounds way better than garbanzo beans. 🙂 I used to hate them as a kid, but I love them now!

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