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Restaurant Review: Lazy Jane’s Cafe

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

Its not every day that I am willing to get up early on a weekend to go out for breakfast.  Yes, I know that might sound lame, but I’m not exactly a morning person.

However, when I have a choice between a delicious breakfast early, or a not so delicious breakfast later, I tend to go with the more delicious meal – even if it means forcing my lazy self out of bed early.

I haven’t been to Lazy Jane’s (this is their Google Places page, I couldn’t find a website for them) in a few years – but all that I remember it being is delicious.  Even though I hesitated when my parents asked me to go there for breakfast bright and early on a Sunday morning,  I knew that if we didn’t get there early there would be a significantly longer wait for our food – and more than likely not a place for us to sit and eat.  We got there around 8:15am and it was busy, but not crazy.  By the time that we left around 9, there was quite a long line, and not very many spots left to sit – good thing we came early.

Lazy Jane's Cafe

To me, Lazy Jane’s is a true Madison experience.  They use many local ingredients, they serve many vegetarian and vegan options, the staff is friendly and the atmosphere is very fun and eclectic.  It actually is located in an old house that they transformed into a bakery!

Lazy Jane's Painting

For breakfast I had scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes and a bagel.

Lazy Jane's Bagel

And some tea

Lazy Jane's Tea

My parents had the seitan hash

Lazy Jane's Seitan

scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes and an English muffin

Lazy Jane's English Muffin

and a lemon cream scone

Lazy Jane's Scone

My meal was DELICIOUS!  The breakfast potatoes were seasoned, but not super salty or spicy. The eggs were cooked perfectly, and the bagel tasted very fresh and delicious!

The three of each had a filling meal, plus a scone and some tea for me.  The amazing part is that all of this delicious food and atmosphere only cost $19.99!  Seriously.  What a bargain for such yummy food!

Taste: A+, every time I go there, I want to come right back the next day.  Everything that I’ve had there has been delicious.  Last time I was there I had a (giant) waffle which was great as well.
Cost: A+, this is the reason why people are willing to wait in line and wait for their food.  The prices are very reasonable – especially considering that it is a small local restaurant!

Would I go there again?  Absolutely.  If I lived closer, it might become a weekend tradition.  I’m drooling and craving it just looking at these photos.

Lazy Jane's Cafe & Bakery on Urbanspoon

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  1. so funny – holly posted about lazy janes yesterday too! 🙂

    and i still haven’t been there…. sad.

  2. Seriously, the best darn scones I have ever ate…and I’ve ate a lot of scones!

  3. Kelly – do you know if they have gluten free stuff?

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