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Friday Favorites #2

Its time for another list of things that I have been loving recently.  In no particular order.

1)Bondi Bands.

Bondi Band

In case you are not familiar, these are athletic headbands that really do stay put when you are active.   I found these about a year ago (thanks to Ashley) and I love them!  When I played sports in high school, I had a horrible time with finding something to keep my hair out of my face – I wish I had one of these back then!  They come in many different colors and patterns, I just recently ordered the solid navy blue as well as a black with silver dots.  I wear them for yoga and when I run and I could not go back to wearing something else, they work so well for me!

2) Pad Thai.

Pad ThaiI am in love with this Asian noodle dish.  It is easy for me to love any kind of noodle dish, but this one in particular I am loving recently.  The combination of noodles, tofu and peanuts is so delicious and filling! I also love that it is almost just as good reheated for lunch the next day!

3) Sunshine


It looks like Wisconsin is FINALLY done with Winter.  It only took until mid-May.   Cross your fingers that we don’t get a freak snow storm in June.  And I don’t even care that it is only 65 and not 85 degrees, but the sunshine along is making it feel a lot more pleasant!

Those are a few of MY favorite things,
what are some of YOUR favorites?

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3 Responses

  1. Where can I get the hairbands?

  2. I agree with #3, I’m so happy to see the sunshine again and have some warmer weather!

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