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Healthy Eating While Traveling

A while back I did a post of what foods I bring with me when I’m traveling.  (Check out that post here.)

Since I am going to be traveling again this weekend, I thought I would share with you some other blog posts  that I’ve found helpful in planning a healthy vacation.  Let me just start out by sharing a couple of things that are important to me regarding my food plan while traveling.

1) I try to have food available at all times.  Ok, this does not mean that I am constantly snacking while I am on the go – but since hunger sometimes sneaks up on me I try to avoid the situation where the only option of food that I have is McDonalds or Taco Bell. I realize that for some people having food around all of the time in what can be a particularly stressful situation may not be a good thing.  For me, it works. I like to keep something small with me at all times as my “emergency stash” in my purse, just in case I am in between destinations and there is no option for me to make good food choices.

2) Sometimes convenience food is better than no food.  On the occasion that I don’t have any food with me, I know that for me personally, it is important that I eat when I am hungry.  If I don’t, then I get hangry pretty quickly and that isn’t good for anyone.  This is why I always try to have some kind of food with me – at least to tide me over until I can stop for a full meal.  Now, this doesn’t mean that if I am intensely hungry I will choose a candy bar over a bag of pretzels if those are my only options – I do still try to make smart decisions.  This does mean that I may not be scrutinizing every ingredient on the label in order to find something that is both delicious and healthy for me to eat.  When I am hangry, all that my mind can think about is getting fuel to my body in some form or another.  There is not time for me to scrutinize – in fact, that would just stress me out more.

Some posts that I have found helpful when looking for ideas and strategies to help me stay healthy while traveling:

Laura of Becoming the Odd Duck wrote a great post last winter when she traveled internationally.  Her number 1 tip is to find a grocery store upon arrival.   Since I will be gone for two whole weeks, I will definitely be doing this.  I am excited that our hotel has a kitchen and I will be able to still keep some of my regular eating habits during vacation.  This brings me to the next tip that Laura mentions (and I totally agree with) : Relax and enjoy yourself!  Even if you splurge on fancy desserts a few nights a week, or go out for fancy meals, don’t stress about it!  It is vacation, and the point is to have a break from some of life for a while! Check out the full post here.

Anne of fANNEfastic Food wrote a post about healthy tips while traveling.  One her her major points is to pick one meal a day as a splurge, and stick to healthier food the rest of the day. This is something I try to do as well.  Not only does this leave me feeling better, but it gets me even more excited for my splurge meal! Check out the full post here.

Emily of Daily Garnish recently did a guest post on fANNEtastic Food about healthy eating while traveling.  One of the things that I definitely agree with Emily is packing breakfast.  As she says in the post, it is generally expected that while on vacation you will be going out to eat for lunch and dinner, but adding breakfast out to that often times is just too much.  I plan on eating breakfast in the room most every day to avoid being too weighed down during the trip. (We’ll see how well I stick to my plan) Check the full post out here.

Corey of The Runner’s Cookie wrote a great post about staying on track during vacation.  One of the things that she does (and that I should do too) is plan on having a healthy meal before she leaves.  In anticipation of not so healthy eating, this at least starts you off on the right track.  Another thing that she mentions is to keep traveling as stress free as possible – when you are in a good frame of mind, healthier decisions are easier to make.  I could not agree with this more. Check the full post out here.

There were many things were echoed in all of these posts – and others that I read:

1) Bring snacks and be prepared with them if you need to eat on the go.

2) It is ok to splurge, as long as it is in moderation.  Don’t totally throw away your healthy habits, but realize that you are on vacation, and the oportunities to do or eat certain things might be once in a lifetime!

3) Don’t stress out! Try to have a relaxing break from life, and enjoy your time away.

SO now I know you all are thinking…..where is she going??  That, my friends will have to wait until tomorrow.  …..but you could check out my Twitter feed for some hints…. 😉

Are YOU traveling somewhere anywhere this Summer?
Please share, I love hearing about new fun places to visit!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Have fun on your trip 🙂

  2. Thanks for reminding me about my post – totally forgot about it 🙂
    And I love the other links. Great idea to sort of outline a vacation “action plan” before you go, or at least remind yourself of little things you can do to eat and exercise the way you want to while you’re away.
    I hope you have a lovely trip!

  3. have a great trip! now i’m really curious & mad at myself that i missed the hints on twitter.

  4. Have a fabulous trip and thanks for the link to my post, love!

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