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Where am I Going?

Yesterday I hinted at the fact that I will be leaving for a vacation this weekend.

Any guesses where I might be going? Anyone?

Well let me fill you in.

For the next two weeks

I will be in


My husband actually has work to do out there, so it isn’t a total vacation.  (Well, for me it is I guess) Either way it is bound to be lots of fun.  I don’t really have plans yet, but I am compiling a list of things that I want to do while I am out there. Here is some of my “Must do in CA” list

1) Pinkberry.  I’ve only been to a Pinkberry once in my life (about 5 years ago in NYC) and I’m obsessed.  Every time I have FroYo, I compare it.  I’m pretty excited that I will be near one again!!  On the same lines, I also want to find a FroYo place that is the style where you pay by weight and get whatever flavors and toppings you choose.  I haven’t been to one that style yet so I’m interested to see what it is like!

2) Santa Monica Pier. The last time I was in California with my family – maybe 10 years ago? – we stayed in that area and I remember loving the pier.  Fun street carts, food, and people watching.  I definitely need to go back here.

3) Beach.  I don’t even really care what beach I go to – although if anyone knows of a particularly nice one I should visit let me know! I just want sun, water, sand under my feet, and relaxation.  This is what vacation is all about.  (well, that and good food!)

4) Hang out with my Cali friends.  I’m excited to get to hang out with some of my West Coast friends while I am out there! It has been a very long time since I’ve seen some of them, so I’m excited for the reunion – and for someone who knows their way around the city to show me around 🙂

Anyone have suggestions for “must-do” things while I am out in the LA area?

Things you should expect on the blog in the next two weeks:

  • Lots of photos of palm trees and beaches
  • Not so many photos of the pug and the cat 🙁  Don’t worry they will be plenty spoiled while we are gone!
  • It is possible that I will have enough time to actually blog what I do each day!  Wouldn’t that be fun? We’ll see.  It may end up being just photos like I have done for previous vacations to New York, Orlando, and Vegas.

California here I come!

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