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Restaurant Review: The Terrace Cafe

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

As I mentioned before, upon my arrival to California, I was hungry.  Pretty much right when we got to the hotel, we started walking around looking for somewhere to eat.  We chose The Terrace Cafe for a late lunch because it was close the hotel, and seemed like a cute little local cafe.


We (well, or at least I) tried to order light assuming that dinner would be in the fairly near future.

I ordered Grace’s Grilled Cheese – Cheddar and Garlic Oil on Sourdough, with fries.

Terrace Grilled Cheese

The husband had Macaroni and Cheese with sausage.

Terrace Mac N Cheese

They were both good.  I really liked the addition of the garlic oil on the grilled cheese, it gave it a little bit of an extra touch – the sourdough was, of course, delicious as well. The husband and I decided that we would definitely be adding olive oil on grilled cheese at home from now on.

Overall the meal was nothing spectacular, but still good.  Not too heavy but it still definitely fulfilled my hunger!  Also, it is very close to Venice beach, so it would be a great spot to sneak over to lunch if you are hanging out on the beach all day!

Taste: B+, simple, but good!
Cost: A, my sandwich was $7.  I’d say that is pretty reasonable – especially for California!

Would I go there again? I don’t think so.  Even though what I had was good, it didn’t blow me away, and there wasn’t a whole lot of other things on the menu that I think I would want to try.  There are a lot of great places to eat here that it is hard to want to go anywhere twice!

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