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Yesterday and Today in LA


I’m back with a quick recap of what I’ve been doing here in California.

Yesterday I ventured out to Beverly Center, which is a huge shopping mall in Beverly Hills.  Getting there only took about 30 minutes, which I was pretty pleased with since I’ve heard traffic can be crazy at times here.

The highlight of the mall was the terrace on the top floor.

Mall Terrace

There is a seating area near the food court that has great views of the city. (These photos were taken from behind plexiglass, so that is why there are some weird glares going on in spots)



After exploring the mall I wandered around the area a bit but I didn’t last long, because it turns out that it is a LOT warmer inland that it is near the beach!  I mean it makes sense, but I guess I didn’t think about how much 5 degrees and no breeze makes.

For lunch I had a not-so-great sandwich from a place in the food court of the mall.(full review to come)  Really it shouldn’t surprise me that it wasn’t good, it was from a food court after all.  Oh well, just more room for dinner!

For dinner we went to Library Alehouse on Main Street in Santa Monica.(full review to come)  It was good food and atmosphere.  In fact that whole Main Street area was such fun that I went back today!

Santa Monica Mural

This morning I headed over to Main Street and walked around.  I browsed some shops, as well as walked through the little community gardens that was there.

Santa Monica Flower

Santa Monica Flower Bee

After walking around there for a while, I decieded to go back to the 3rd Street Promenade area to find some lunch.  After much wandering around, looking at the ocean, checking out the farmers market and picking up some cupcakes (which I will review later) I decided on Barney’s Beanery for lunch.  The menu for this place is quite extensive and it took me a while to decide what I wanted.  It ended up being just ok, but the atmosphere was fun. (full review to come)

On the way back to the hotel, I stopped by Pinkberry for some delicious FroYo which did not dissapoint! Now I’m back at the hotel thinking about where to go for dinner.  Maybe I should just call this my food tour of LA? 😉

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