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Friday Favorites: California Edition

Here are a few of my favorite things : California style!

1) GPS.  Yes, I realize that I have my iPhone has its own GPS and mapping system.  However, when I’m driving it is quite inconvenient (not to mention dangerous) to look at it every time I’m not sure where I am going.  I never would have requested a GPS system in our rental car because I feel like I’m pretty good at mapping things out ahead of time and remembering where to go.  When we picked up our rental car it had one in it, and I wasn’t sure at first, but now I love it.  I really enjoy that it warns me when a turn is coming, and that it will recalculate my route if I miss a turn.  Downsides: the voice gets annoying very fast, the directions are not always correct, sometimes it gets confused for apparently no reason and needs to recalculate.  I still love it though.  Good thing I don’t live in a bigger city or I might be convinced that  I need to have one in my car.


2) Food Trucks.  These don’t really exist in Madison, and for some reason I love them.  I had my first food truck experience yesterday, and it was great.  During lunch and dinner times there are a few spots around the city that trucks gather.  The food that is in the trucks varies a lot, so far I’ve seen Indian, Mexican, Korean, American, and a bunch of hybrids of various types of food.

Food Trucks

3) Palm Trees. I’m not entirely sure what is so fascinating about them.  Maybe it is the fact that palm trees = warm weather.  Maybe palm trees remind me of Hollywood, and movies.  Maybe palm trees remind me that I am near the ocean.  Maybe it is the fact that they seem to be forever tall and I’m not sure how they don’t just snap with such a tall trunk.  Either way, they are definitely a part of California that I love.

Palm Tree

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love my GPS with all the traveling we do. She’s an annoying British voice that I sometimes switch to swahili or Czech if she’s annoying…and yes it’s a she because the dude’s voice is a jerk.

    I watched the Food Truck Race with my mom and am obsessed with eating at one.

    • Bahaha, I can only imagine changing it to some random other language. Hmmm….maybe I’ll see what mine can do today 🙂

      Aren’t Food Trucks fascinating?! I don’t even really understand why, but I think they are so cool!

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