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California – The Final Numbers

Number of days spent in California – 14
Number of different restaurants I ate at – 25 (not including the cupcakes and FroYo)
Number of different times I ate FroYo – 5


Number of different cupcake flavors I tried – 14

Number of miles that I walked – LOTS.  Every day I walked AT LEAST a mile.  How do I know that? The Starbucks closest to our hotel is .4 miles away.  So JUST walking to get coffee every day was about .8 miles. Also, I think I might be addicted to iced coffee.

Number of Days at Disneyland – 2 awesome fun filled days.

Disney Tables

Numer of times we waited more than 20 minutes in line at Disneyland – 3: once was about a 30 minute wait in the fastpass line for Star Tours. (the normal line as we were leaving was 225 MINUTES.  Seriously) Another time was about 30 minutes when the Husband was waiting in line for a corn dog, not sure what the deal was there. The third time was when we were waiting in about a 30 minute line for World of Color, although I’m not sure that counts.  We got really lucky with lines and LOVE Fastpass!
Number of photos taken at Disneyland – over 300

Number of photos taken total – Somewhere around 800.

Now I am on my way back to Madison.  I have a few more restaurant reviews to do, and then blogging will hopefully be back to more recipes and less restaurants.  I do love going out to eat, but 2-3 times a day is a lot .

Happy Weekend!

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