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Healthy Living on Vacation

Now that I’m back from the whirlwind that was two weeks in California, I thought I would share some of the ways that I stayed (attempted) in a healthy mindset while on vacation.  So here goes.

1) I limited myself to one “treat” a day.  This means FroYo, Cupcakes, whatever delicious thing that I wanted that wasn’t part of a meal. Of course this didn’t happen every single day, but most of the time I made it work.  I not only did this to keep myself in a healthy mindset, but also so that I could enjoy the delicious meals I was having!  I didn’t want to eat tons of treats during the day and then not be hungry for dinner.

Crumbs Cupcake

2) I ate breakfast in the hotel room.  I was very lucky to be staying at what was basically a business apartment complex.  This meant that it had a full kitchen!  While I didn’t utilize the kitchen for other meals, eating breakfast in the hotel was very helpful to me.  This meant a few things. 1) I could casually eat breakfast in my PJ’s and not have to get up right away in the morning and think about where I was going to eat breakfast. 2) This saved me money!  Most days I ate Bagel Thins with cream cheese, and sometimes a banana or a granola bar.  If I hadn’t done that I would easily be spending $5 a day on breakfast.  Thats $5 that I can now put towards a more delicious dinner…..or some FroYo 😉

3) I walked. A lot.  As I mentioned earlier, every day I at least walked from the hotel to Starbucks to get some delicious iced coffee.  That alone racked up almost a mile a day.  On the longer walking days it was more like 2-3, and then the days we were at Disneyland who knows how many miles we walked.

Walt N Mickey

I would say that I did a pretty good job of making sure to keep my health in mind  while on this vacation.  I was also very lucky to have wireless internet in my hotel.  I feel like being able to blog about the meals that I had (and being able to read other blogs like I normally do) kept me from going overboard.

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