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Restaurant Review: The Counter

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

Sometimes – even while on vacation – I’m in the  mood for a simple meal.  Sometimes it is simple like macaroni and cheese, other times it is simple like a hamburger and fries – or in my case a chicken burger.  When I find a highly rated burger place I get excited. Often times – especially when you are not in brewery filled Wisconsin – it is hard to find an “American Food” type place that isn’t TGI Fridays or Applebees.  Not only did the The Counter seem like a quality restaurant, but it was also very close to where my husband was working!

The style of restaurant was very up my alley.  You customize your sandwich.  You choose the type of meat (or veggie) toppings, sauce and bun that you want.

The Counter Menu

As I’m sure you all have seen from my lame looking chicken sandwiches on here before, I’m not very exciting in the world of sandwiches.  My sandwich was chicken with fresh mozzarella and organic mixed greens on a ciabatta roll. (That sounds a whole lot nicer than a chicken sandwich with just cheese and lettuce.)

The Counter Chicken Sandwich

There wasn’t quite enough cheese on it for me, but otherwise it was very tasty.

The husband had the 1/3 pound beef burger with fresh mozzarella, grilled pineapple, hardboiled eggs, and applewood smoked with sweet BBQ sauce, on foccacia bread.

The Counter Burger

This kind of ordering is what this restaurant is made for.

We also shared sweet potato fries and parmesan french fries with the table.

The Counter Parmesan Fries

The Counter Sweet Potato Fries

I now realize that I should have had something in these photos to reference just how big these servings of fries are.  Please note: They are quite large servings.  The sweet potato fries could be shared pretty easily between tho people, but the parmesan fries is a larger serving.  I guess this could just be because the actual fries are smaller so there are more of them, but it did seem like there were a LOT more of them.  Although the serving size was large, both kinds were good!  I did prefer the sweet potato fries, but I do generally like more potatoey (is that even a word?) fries rather than thin crispy fries so that might be why.

Taste: A, everything was very good and fresh tasting.
Cost: B, it wasn’t exactly cheap – but you are paying for quality ingredients like the organic greens and fresh mozzarella.  I didn’t think it was horribly overpriced or anything, but it wasn’t as inexpensive as it could have been.

Would I go there again? Yeah, I think so!  Some day when I am feeling more adventurous maybe I will try something more exciting.  I would also like to try the option of turning my sandwich creation into a salad by getting it served on lettuce instead of a bun.

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