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Restaurant Review: Spitfire Grill

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

We arrived at Spitfire Grill in another instance of “That wait is too long, we need to find somewhere else to eat.”  Spitfire Grill is located adjacent to the Santa Monica Airport.  Knowing this information makes the fact that they are themed with airplane memorabilia, maps, etc make more sense.

The menu has a variety of items, mostly bar and grill type food.  The restaurant is small – with one side as the bar area and one side as the dining area and more dining outside if the weather permits.  From the moment we walked in the door, the service was not great.  Two waitresses who seemed to be rushing around delivering food and taking orders greeted us eventually and we sat down.

Before we even heard from our waitress, we were greeted by a kitchen employee who seemed to be helping the struggling waitresses.  He took our drink order, delivered out drinks and gave us some bread.

Spitfire Grill Bread

We couldn’t figure out exactly what this bread was, but after looking at the menu again I’m pretty sure it is the asiago bread with artichoke dip – although we were just given it, we didn’t order it as an appetizer.  It was pretty good.  I’m usually more of a fan of the soft sourdough bread option, but this was crispy bread with cheese and dip – different and a nice change!

For dinner, I opted for the Halibut Fish and Chips.  I’m not an avid fish eater.  I don’t really know the difference between different types of fish – at least not more than maybe the appearance.  In fact, just recently have I been daring to try fish at a restaurant.  This halibut though, was delicious!  It didn’t taste fishy at all, and the batter tasted good as well.

Spitfire Grill Halibut

The husband had the Flying Tiger Burger which had bacon, BBQ sauce an cheddar cheese.

Spitfire Grill Burger

Overall the food was good!  Unfortunately, the service was not so good.  Even though it didn’t seem like it was all that busy in the restaurant, the waitresses were slow seating us, slow taking our order, and slow bringing our check.

Taste: A, good food!
Cost: B, it wasn’t horribly overpriced, but $12.00 for a burger plus the poor service, makes it on the edge of unreasonable.

Would I go there again? I don’t think so.  Even though the food was good, the service was not, and the food really wasn’t anything I think I couldn’t find somewhere else.

Spitfire Grill on Urbanspoon

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  1. Slow service is not fun, it makes me not want to leave a tip!

    • I guess good food kind of makes up for it, but poor service is almost worse than bad food sometimes!

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