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Restaurant Review: 26 Beach

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

Well, we have finally gotten to our last day in California.  I was sad to leave, but writing all of these restaurant reviews has definitely made me realize that I was lucky to spend a long and fun time there.

Our last full day there was a Saturday and the husband didn’t have to work (yay!) so we slept in a bit and headed to a restaurant nearby for brunch.  26 Beach is where we ended up.

26 Beach has an eclectic beach style – but it somehow still seems very put together.  The dining area is pretty small, so we were pretty lucky to get a seat right away.  When we left there was a line out the door.  Their brunch menu is filled with many different types of french toasts, combinations of eggs, breakfast pizza and more.

I decided on the the 3 Way:  3 eggs, breakfast potatoes & a choice of thick applewood bacon, italian turkey sausage or a hamburger patty.  I chose the turkey sausage and gave it to the husband to eat.  I also ordered a side of fresh fruit.

26 Beach 3 Way

26 Beach Fruit

I actually didn’t love the meal.  The breakfast potatoes were good, but a little bit burnt.  The eggs were alright, but a little bit too runny for my taste for scrambled eggs.  The fruit was good – and I did like that included pineapple and mango instead of the usual strawberries, cantaloupe and honeydew.

The husband had The Stuffed One -french toast stuffed with cream cheese & strawberry preserves, served with warm maple syrup and plenty of fresh strawberries on top.

26 Beach The Stuffed One

Since I have an awesome husband, I was able to snag a bit of this.  It was very rich but delicious! After tasting it I was sad that I went the safe route and didn’t try one of the many varieties of french toast that they had!

Taste: B+, while my meal wasn’t extraordinary, the french toast definitely was so I had to give it a better score that if I was basing it on just my meal.
Cost: B, both of our meals were $12 (plus extra for my fruit) and while that seems reasonable for the giant delicious french toast, it isn’t so much for my meal.

Would I go there again? Yeah  I think I would if I am in the area again.  There are definitely many varieties of french toast that I would like to have tried.  Like this one: S’mores French Toast – Challa Bread French toast stuffed with Nutella & Mashmallow Fluff coated with graham cracker crumbs and topped with our chocolate sauce, whipped cream & strawberries.  Yeah that sounds delicious.

26 Beach Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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