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Product Review: Ore-Ida Sweet Potato Fries

Full Disclosure: I received a coupon for these fries for free through the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program.  Even though they paid for the food, these are completely my own opinions and I am not being paid for this blog post.

When I got an email from Foodbuzz asking me if I wanted to try the Ore-Ida Sweet Potato fries I was excited.  French fries are definitely a love of mine – as I’m sure they are for many other people as well.  I was also interested because sweet potato fries in particular seem to be a huge trend right now.  I feel like I see them everywhere. Did you know that they even sell them at Culver’s now?!

I will admit that I wasn’t super excited to try sweet potato fries the first couple of times I saw them on a menu.  Especially as a replacement to my normal potato fries.  However, in the past few weeks I’ve actually had them a few times at various restaurants and they are definitely as delicious as people say they are.  I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t want to try them to start with, but now I know they were worth a try.

We decided to have these particular sweet potato fries with fried chicken that we made the other night.  It just seemed to make sense.Sweet Potato Fries Bag

These were definitely not hard to make – just preheat the oven, put fries on a cookie sheet and bake.  We almost always tend to cook our frozen foods more than the suggested amount of time.  This usually gives them a crispier crust.  These we cooked for 2-3 minutes beyond the suggest cooking time.

I don’t want to say that I was disappointed with how these turned out, because how much can you really expect from something that comes from a freezer bag.  They obviously didn’t taste like fresh, restaurant quality, sweet potato fries.  However, they were definitely not bad, just a little soft for my taste.

Sweet Potato Fries

As we were getting ready to serve dinner, something occurred to us.  Why not fry some of these in the leftover oil from the chicken?  We hesitated at first since frying frozen things often leads to grease splatter and fires (water and grease don’t like each other) but then I read the bag and there are actually instructions for frying them!

So we took a few more out of the bag and put them in the hot oil.  These came out much crispier, and – at least we thought – tasted better than the baked version.  That isn’t to say that these were restaurant quality either, but they were definitely more in that direction.  A little bit of fat makes everything taste better, right? 😉

Overall they were good but not outstanding – but I didn’t really expect them to be.

Taste: B+, the plus mostly comes from the fact the the fried version was much better.
Cost: B, at my grocery store I think they were around $4 for a bag.  Not all that bad, but not great.

Would I buy them again? I don’t think so.  Although I do often have a hankering for french fries and frying your own is probably more healthy (and less expensive) than buying them at a restaurant, so who knows.  I suppose I could actually buy some sweet potatoes and make my own from scratch too…..Hmmmm……

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  1. So happy you are back to cooking again(and trying new things)

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