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Restaurant Review: South Water Kitchen

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

Our second day in Chicago we slept in.   A lot.  Like until almost 11am.  Which is really unlike me. So, of course, I woke up very hungry.  The problem with waking up and it being almost noon is that  I want breakfast foods when most people are eating lunch.  The husband is not a huge breakfast person as it is, so he was definitely in the mood for lunch. Thank goodness someone invented brunch, because it solves so many of my problems!  (ok, maybe that might be an exaggeration.)

We had walked past South Water Kitchen the day before, so we decided to head there for some brunch. It wasn’t too far from our hotel, but far enough that I may have stopped by Jamba Juice for a smoothie on the way.  Have you tried their new Fruit & Veggie Smoothies?!  I tried the Berry upBEET.  SO GOOD.  Seriously, it barely tasted like veggies, mostly just strawberry mango flavors.

Ok, back to the brunch.

The brunch menu at South Water Kitchen is huge.  They have basically a whole breakfast menu and lunch menu. Pancakes, eggs, sandwiches, salads, burgers, etc.  For me, who was planning on breakfast, the decision was not too hard, but my husband had trouble deciding!

Eventually he decided on Brioche French toast stuffed with Lemon Cream Cheese and Blueberries.  It looked delicious!

South Water Kitchen French Toast

I had the buttermilk pancakes.  They looked delicious as well.  They weren’t bad, but they definitely weren’t as good as both of the places that I had them in California.  They were pretty dry and I definitely prefer moist, almost chewy pancakes.

South Water Kitchen Pancakes

We also shared some breakfast potatoes.  They were good, but pretty plain.

South Water Kitchen Potatoes

The atmosphere of the place was kind of neat.  It was very homey feeling – but not like kitschy.  There were large quotes about food on the walls which was fun as well.

Overall the food wasn’t outstanding, but it definitely wasn’t bad.  It did satisfy my craving for breakfast, so that was definitely a plus!

Taste: B, not bad, but not as good as I’ve had other places.
Cost: A-, since I didn’t love the food I can’t give it a solid A, but really it wasn’t bad.  My pancakes were only $10 for three giant ones!

Would I go there again?  It wouldn’t be my first choice, but if I was in the area I might try it again.

South Water Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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