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Let The Wine Of Friendship Never Run Dry

Over the past year (yeah that’s right, I have been blogging for one whole YEAR already!) I have learned so much from blogging.  Not only about different foods that I had never tried before and now enjoy, but I’ve also met some great people and had the chance to do some great things.  Some of these things were directly related to blogging, others more indirectly.  Tomorrow I will be talking more about what blogging has been like this past year, but today I wanted to share with you some of the great experiences I’ve had.  Enjoy! (and be sure to stop back tomorrow for a giveaway!)

Healthy Living Summit 2010

Last August, kind of on a whim, I bought a ticket to the Healthy Living Summit (HLS)  in Chicago.  I had been blogging for less than a month at this point, so I was very unsure of what would become of my blog.  Honestly,  I was very unsure if I even wanted to go to this big event where I only “knew” 2 other people. And I had only started friendships with those people about a month before.  However, since it was in Chicago, I felt like that I needed to go and check it out since it was within driving distance to me – and these four awesome girls let me share a room with them to save me some money.


As it turns out, although HLS was nerve racking at first, but it was also a lot of fun.  I met some AWESOME people – seriously, everyone there was awesome – ate some delicious food, and had some great experiences.

Among those experiences from HLS 2010 was a tour of the Frito Lay Factory in Beloit!

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I love seeing how things are made, this was so much fun!  Not to mention all of the delicious swag we got to take with us!

I’m SO excited to be going to HLS again this year – this time it is in Philadelphia! Everyone involved has been hard at work planning, and I can’t wait to see what fun things they have in store this year.  I’m crossing my fingers for some type of factory tour…..  Who else is going to HLS this year??


Last Novemeber I applied (for the second time) and was accepted to be a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher!  Really this meant very little for the content of the blog (other than the ad) but it made me happy that my blog was good enough to be a part of this wonderful opportunity.  Through their ad program I do make a couple of pennies each time someone checks out my site, but more than that I feel like being a featured publisher has given me confidence.  If they wanted me to be a part of their program, other people must want to read my blog as well, right?

This past month I got my first opportunity to try a new product through their Tastemakers program.  Even though I didn’t love the sweet potato fries that I got to try, I am looking forward to this being a way for me to try more new things in the future!


Every February there is a big trade show in New York City that I go to for work.  This past February I took a pit stop on the way and stayed with Heather in Scotia, NY for the weekend before the show. I spent most of my time with my best blends Heather and Julie but I also got to meet up with a bunch of other wonderful CDNY bloggers.


I had SO much fun, ate lots of great food, and spent some time with great friends that I almost definitely would not have known before blogging.  All of these CDNY girls were very nice and seemed to be great friends – even though almost all of them had only met through blogging.

Meeting other Bloggers

Although I know there are many more of you out there that I am yet to meet (Dear Jessica, it is crazy that you lived in Madison AND we went to the same yoga studio and coffee shop I will more than likely not meet you until HLS.  In Philadelphia.) I have gotten to meet a handful of other bloggers not in a blog meet-up setting.

I took a super fun and interesting  photography class with Holly aka the Healthy Everythingtarian.  In person, Holly is just like she is on her blog – super sweet and funny.

I also got to meet Sarah of Sarah Learns last spring.  Sarah is such a sweet, nice person, she gifted me some knitting supplies that she was trying to get rid of before she moved!  I hope we get to meet up sometime again even though she now lives across town.  (P.S. Sarah – I am currently knitting with the yarn you gave me, I love it!)

While we were in Florida last Winter I got the chance to meet up with Healthy Ashley!  Ashley is the sweetest girl. She will talk about anything and everything with you.  When we were there, she actually had just gotten engaged!  Kind of a fun coincidence that TODAY Ashley is getting married!!  Ashley and Richard make a beautiful couple and I am so happy for them.

Carrots N Cake

One of the first blogs that I started reading – over a year ago – was Tina’s Blog Carrots N Cake.  I will admit that I might have been sucked in at first by her adorable pug Murphy but I definitely stuck around for all of the fun and food that Tina shares every day. I got to meet Tina at HLS last year!  We talked about pugs, which should not be a surprise if you know either of us 🙂 I’m excited to see her at HLS again this year!

This Spring, Tina actually published her first book!  I was SO excited when she asked me if I wanted an advanced copy to review.  The book is great, (review here) Olive just wished that there were more photos of her boyfriend Murphy 😉


These are just a few of the fun things that I have gotten to do this year that I am pretty positive I would not have done if I was not blogging. Thank you so much for stopping to read my posts every so often!!  Tomorrow I have some fun things to give away, so be sure to check back for more blogiversary fun!!

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  1. confession: i am a bit teary reading this. ha.

  2. It was so great to eat dinner with you as part of the CDNY group dinner. I’m excited to see you again at HLS and spend more time together, I hope.

    I didn’t realise you’ve only been blogging a year. Fantastic!

  3. Beloit represent!!! I used to work at that Frito Lay on summer break in college. I packed the chips in to the boxes.

    How we never once ran into each other I will never know. I’m pretty sure we missed each other once by a few minutes at the Starbucks on University. I’m going to try and come to Madison for a yoga class before Philadelphia. I will keep you posted!!

    Oh and WOOT HLS! Can you tell I’m excited? haha

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