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Orange Sesame Tempeh Stir Fry

It seems like I’ve been starting to crave a lot more meatless meals than the meaty variety.  I think (hope) that this means that I am craving meaty meals less and less.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to go vegan – or even probably vegetarian at this point – but generally getting more plant products into my diet is definitely a good thing.

One of my favorite blogs that I read is Peas and Thank You.  I’m sure I have mentioned this blog before, but just in case you are not familiar with Mama Pea and the rest of the family, you should go check it out.  She eats vegan, so the food that she makes on the blog is vegan as well – and most everything on her blog looks delicious!  This recipe is the Orange Sesame Tempeh Stir Fry.  You can find the recipe here. (Unfortunately the recipe page is no longer available)

I have not ever had tempeh before, but since I’ve grown to love tofu so much, I thought I’d give it a try.

The only things that I changed about the recipe were the veggies.  I happened to already have snap peas and corn in the freezer, so I used those instead of the suggested broccoli slaw (which I did actually look for at the grocery store but couldn’t find!) baby carrots and water chestnuts.  I also used peanuts instead of almonds, again because I already had them on hand.  Oh, and of course I added chow mein noodles because I can’t have stir fry without them.

Orange Sesame Tempeh

I really enjoyed this dish!  (I am a huge fan of stir fry in general mostly because it is so customizable) I didn’t love the taste of the tempeh, but I didn’t dislike it either.  The nutty flavor was close to being too strong for me. However, if I would have made the sauce a bit sweeter (I only put in about 1 tablespoon of Agave Nectar) then I think it would have masked that strong flavor a bit.  Other than that the meal was definitely satisfying and very filling!

Ease: B+, it did take a bit of work, but nothing really too difficult.
Taste: A-, only because I didn’t love the taste of the tempeh, but the sauce and everything else in combination was delicious!

Would I make it again?  Yeah, I think so.  Next time I would make the sauce sweeter, and hopefully I won’t taste the nuttiness of the tempeh as much!


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  1. i still haven’t tried tempeh, but when i do, i already know that i’ll head to peas & thank you for my inspiration! 🙂

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