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Chicken with Corn and Potato Saute

Often times when the weather gets warm, I don’t feel like making a big, heavy, meal.  However, with the weather being warmer, it also probably means that I am more active and need heartier food to refuel my body.  This dish is a nice balance between something heavy and filling, and something that is still appropriate for summer.

This dish comes from the Rachel Ray Express Meals cookbook.  I also found the recipe online here.

Overall this was not at all a difficult meal to make, but there is quite a bit of time needed to make it.  I always forget how long potatoes take to cook, but I love them so much that its not too big of a hassle for me.

Chicken Corn Potato Saute

As I was writing this, I realized that this could definitely be made on the grill as well! Instead of using frozen corn, you could grill your own corn.  You could also definitely grill the chicken and the potatoes as well.  You would still have to combine it all in a skillet with the chicken stock, but really I think it would be pretty good (and a lighter meal) without that step.

Ease: B, it takes a while, and there are a lot of steps, but nothing to difficult to stop me from making it.
Taste: A, delicious and filling!

Would I make it again? Yeah, I think so!  I might even try it the grilled way that I mentioned before, or even just making it with the potatoes and corn, and maybe some other veggies would be good as well!


Happy Friday!

Does anyone have fun plans for the Holiday weekend?
My in-law’s always have a big party to celebrate and then we watch the Midwest’s largest fireworks show! (a.k.a Rhythm and Booms)  I still haven’t decided what I am going to bring to the party though!  Last year I made Red White and Blue Star Cookies and they were a huge hit!  This year I would like to bring some type of side dish as well as a dessert.  Anyone have a favorite side dish that they bring to potlucks?

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