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I was going to do a post about things that I saw on my run today.  That was when I was planning on running today.

I was excited to show you the lake, and the flowers, and possibly some furry animals along the way.

I was excited that somehow my knee was managing to cooperate and feels well enough to run – because yesterday it did not.

But then the crazy hot heat that we have right now did not dissipate like I had hoped. In fact, between about Noon and 4pm the temperature actually went UP from 94° to 97°.  Each hour I think it might get cooler, and it might be safer to run.  But now it is 7:30pm and currently 92°.  My time for running before dark is running short, and apparently it was not meant to be today.

So I’ve made the executive decision that I will postpone todays run until tomorrow.  In reality, this is probably all for the better – more rest time for my knee, and hopefully at least slightly cooler temperatures for me to run in.

One good thing did come out of this non-running day though.  We bought Miss Kitty a new cat tree!

The only problem is, someone else likes the cat tree too.

Olive Tree

I promise, I did not put her there.  She climbed up on her own (we had know idea she would even try to climb it)

Bean Tree

Apparently she loves it there…..even though she really doesn’t fit very well.

Bean Cat Tree

Yup, even when Miss Kitty comes to join her, she still stays. (sorry for the super unflattering photo Miss Kitty! 😉 )

I suppose this is better than her chewing on it?

Hope you all had a great weekend, keep cool!

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  1. awwwww, i love that your dog is on the cat tree! that’s too cute!

    and yeah, the heat? not cool. 🙁 i don’t know how much cooler it’s actually supposed to be tomorrow though…

    • Oh yeah, I don’t think its supposed to really be a ton cooler tomorrow. I’m just hoping that we get some rain, and maybe its cloudy instead of the Sun beating down on me? We’ll see. I’m supposed to have outdoor yoga tomorrow too, so yeah….

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