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Blogging for a Cause

One of my favorite things about blogging is the amazing community that comes with it. Its like having hundreds of great friends and supporters across the United States, and even the world!

Today is a fantastic example of bloggers and companies come together for a worthy cause.  I have personally donated to a few different “blog bake sale’s” but this one really takes the cake.

Susan, a fellow blogger who writes and shares her life at The Great Balancing Act, was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma. Enter: Amazing blogging community and the brands we love.

The Great Fundraising ActToday, Janeetha is hosting an online blogger auction and bake sale for Susan.  Since she is stuck in the hospital dealing with cancer and everything that comes with it, she obviously isn’t working and has lots of bills to pay for.  ALL of the proceeds from this auction and bake sale will be given to Susan to help pay for the treatments and hospital stay.  Be sure to check out this auction over at Meals and Moves and bid your little heart away!  This is for such a great cause, and there are SO MANY great things to bid on. Click HERE to learn more about the auction and join everyone else in supporting this great cause.

What a great way to bring some sunshine into your Monday.  Bid, give and support others. Even just looking at the amazing list of food, products and services that people donated will make you smile, I promise.  So what are you waiting for?  Head on over and check it out! 

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