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Brown Butter Butterscotch Banana Bread

Quick Breads remind me of summer.  They are generally filled with fruit which flourishes during the summer months – especially when you live in Wisconsin where nothing really flourishes in the winter except snowflakes and icicles.

Strawberry, blueberry, banana, cherry, whatever fruit you choose, it is probably delicious in the form of a bread or muffin.  Especially if that muffin or bread is soft, fluffy and sometimes slightly sweet.

This recipe comes from one of my new favorite food blogs Kohler Created.  You can find the recipe here.  Going into it,  I figured this would just be pretty standard banana bread with some added butterscotch chips.

Butterscotch Banana Bread

Turns out, browned butter and butterscotch chips combine to make a much sweeter bread than I am used to.  This isn’t a bad thing, just not what I was expecting.  It still tasted very good, just more like a dessert than a breakfast or snack.  (But I’m also a much more savory than sweet breakfast person in general.)  The husband loved it as well, he actually said that the sweetness made it taste more like cake than bread.

I think the only reason why  I didn’t love it is that I don’t love the flavor of butterscotch.  Other than that it was sweet cakey goodness.

Ease: A, not hard at all, which is one of the reasons why I love quick breads!
Taste: A-, it was a bit sweet for my taste, but not bad at all, and my husband who has much more of a sweet tooth than I do really liked it.

Would I Make It Again? Yeah I think so.

4 Responses

  1. I love browned butter AND butter scotch. This is now starred in my reader, I will be making! The holidays will be here before we know it (GAAH!) and this would be a great thing for parties, presents, breakfasts… 😀

    • Yes, it would be GREAT for gift giving! Oh man the holidays are coming up quick aren’t they…..eek!

  2. YUM! Banana bread? Yum. Brown Butter? Omg. Butterscotch? Swoon.

  3. Thanks for trying our recipe! I definitely agree, it’s more sweet than your typical quick-bread, but when your husband doesn’t like sweets, I push the limits where I can 🙂

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