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This Day 2010

On this day last year, August 15, 2010,  I was on my way home from a weekend in Chicago.  But this weekend was unlike any other weekend trip to Chicago.

The first big difference: I drove down by myself.  I don’t mind driving, but Chicago traffic and the craziness of the “big city” were definitely something I was not looking forward to driving into.  I intended to pick up Heather at the airport on the way, but flights got delayed, and delayed again, and then delayed some more, and plans changed so I ended up driving all the way down my myself.  As it turns out, driving in Chicago is not as horrible as I thought it would be thanks to my trusty iPhone GPS and the fact that I have been to the city many times before.  I made it there in one piece….and eventually Heather did too.

Another difference: I was going down to hang out with about 200 other wonderful strangers, talk about blogging, and eat delicious food.  This was not just your every day trip to Chicago, this was the Healthy Living Summit. (HLS)

Healthy Living Summit last year was quite the experience.  It was all that I was expecting and more.  Good food, good people, lots of laughs, lots of inspiration and as much fun as you could possible pack into a 48 hour period.  I got to tour the Frito Lay Factory in Beloit, WI, learned about ethical eating of the meaty and veggie variety, and shared inspiration and laughter with 200 like minded people.  It was pretty epic.

As fun as HLS was, it was also pretty stressful for me.  Being with so many people that I didn’t know, plans changing, discussing things that were new to me, (I had just started my blog about a month before) so much good – but with that comes stress and uncertainty.  In fact, there are many parts of the weekend that I wish I could go back to now, knowing the goodness of the people and the community, and re-do.  I got SO much out of that weekend but I can only imagine what greatness would have been if the stress would have been lifted off of my shoulders…at least a little bit.

This weekend I am going to the Healthy Living Summit in Philadelphia, PA.  (Sorry if it seems like I’ve now said this a billion times and half of you probably don’t care but, well, I’m excited.  So I’ll just keep talking about it anyways.) This time I’m flying there rather than driving, and I’m rooming with two of the my best blends. I “know” MANY more people this year than I did last year.  And by “know” I mean that I interact with them on blogs, twitter, facebook, etc.  There are still only a handful that I’ve met in person – but still more than last year.  I’m hoping that this weekend will be less  stressful and more fun than ever.  With the differences I’ve already mentioned, and the events that are planned, it sure seems like it will be.

I haven’t decided if I will be blogging through the weekend or not.  At this point I am leaning towards using my spare time to hang out with my blends rather than stare at a computer, but we’ll see what inspiration comes to me.  Either way, I will be sure to recap what will surely be another epic weekend when I get back next week.

Now I just need to get through the next 3…er…2.5 days, get packed, work finished and I’ll be good to go.  Easy enough, right? 😉

8 Responses

  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    i am so excited.
    for 100 reasons.
    #1 being that i dont have to fly 😉
    but i know your luck will be 100 times better than my own 🙂


    • I’m gonna tentatively say that I am more excited about flying than I would be driving this time because I can sleep/relax on the plane!! We’ll see if this changes when there are flight delays…

  2. can’t wait to see you again!

  3. i am really looking forward to HLS, but toally feel ya on feeling like you might be lost and overwhelmed. this is my first “big time” blog conference and i don’t really know what to expect. i think it will be a blast, though!

  4. Can’t wait to meet you this weekend! I saw that you helped with a billion swag bags. Hopefully, you’ll get some time to relax and enjoy too! 🙂

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