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Goodbye Philly! – Oh wait, just kidding….

About an hour ago, I wrote all of this:

I am currently at the Philadelphia airport waiting for my flight back to Madison.  My flight is still on time, but doesn’t actually leave for  couple of hours.  However, currently there are lots of delays because of this lovely weather that is going through the area right now.


Lets just hope that I don’t get back later than the already late time that I am scheduled to get in.

Note to self:  I definitely prefer early morning flights to afternoon/evening flights. 

In other news, I had a GREAT time at the Healthy Living Summit this weekend.  I will definitely be recapping all of the food, fun and great things that went on this weekend in the near future.

As a little sneak peek, here is a photo from this morning’s 5k Fun Run/Walk.


Yes, those are lots of healthy living bloggers running up the “Rocky Stairs” 🙂

And then my flight was delayed.  Majorly.

My flight was delayed so much that I am currently spending the night at a hotel in Philly and taking another flight in the morning – because otherwise I would have been stranded in Detroit with no flight to Madison.


Unfortunately my extra night in Philly is not going to exciting since I’m staying near the airport and there is not much more than hotels around me.


My hotel has free wireless internet.  And free breakfast in the morning.  And a free airport shuttle.

So I am going to try to use this extra time to be productive with blog posts and other things I can do via the internet.

And hopefully my flight in the morning will not be delayed and everything will go smoothly and I will be home sooner than I know it.

Anyone have any shows that they love that I can watch on Hulu while I work??

4 Responses

  1. Oh, gosh! Flight troubles are never a fun way to end a weekend. But I’m glad you found a hotel near the airport with internet!

    It was nice getting to know you this weekend, Kelly!

  2. I was seeing tons of delayed blogger tweets!!

    Terrible! I hate delays.

  3. Oh no Kelly. I wish I had known. We were leaving town right as those storms hit. I would have kept you company and had one more good night. Hope you are safely home now.

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