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Weekend Fun

Hello Friends!

It is now officially the weekend!

Weekend means more time to get things done – but in a relaxed manner.  And by “relaxed” I mean that there is plenty of time to spend surfing the internets.  Now I know you are wondering, “Where do you hang out when surfing the internets?”  Well, I would like to share a few of my favorite online playgrounds with you.

First, and probably most obviously as many of you are on there as well – Twitter.  Its like a big conversation between friends across the country.  Also, most of the time I can find at least something funny on my Twitter stream, which is always a welcomed brightness in my day.

I’m also a fan of Tumblr…..mostly because sometimes I just want to look at pretty pictures and not actually read blogs.

Speaking of pretty pictures: Pinterest.  Yes, after much debate I broke down and joined yesterday.  I love it so much already.


Oh, and I’ve also started to Stumble some things…..although I don’t entirely get it yet.

I’m also occasionally on Facebook…..but it isn’t really my hangout of choice at the moment.

Do you spend time on any of these wonderful sites? Feel free to follow me, and I would love to follow you too!  Just click on the link in the post or click on that big “Follow Me” arrow on the left side of my blog to see where you can find me.

Where do you spend your fun time on the internets?

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  1. Woohoo, welcome to Pinterest!!

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