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Restaurant Review: Profi’s Creperie

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

Before I headed to Philadelphia, I had lots of suggestions from people of things to do and see while I was there.  On many lists that I heard was Reading Terminal Market.  When I looked at a map, it definitely seemed close to walk to from the hotel – but I had no idea just how close.  It was literally a block away from the hotel.

After arriving at the hotel and getting all checked in and bags put in my room, I headed over to the market with a few other people.  The market has SO many different food options I was a little bit overwhelmed.  After walking around for about 10 minutes and surveying my options, I just couldn’t get Profi’s Creperie out of my head so I headed there to pick up some lunch.

Profis Creperie

Of course the things that interested me the most were the dessert crepes, but I figured I should have some “real” food as well for lunch as well.  I ended up getting one ham, egg and cheese crepe and one Nutella, strawberry, and banana crepe.  The crepe station was pretty cool because you could see them making the crepe right in front of you!


Nutella Crepe

Fruit Crepe

Nutella Crepe

Egg Crepe

Yes, I did eat some of my egg crepe before remembering to photograph it.  Oops! It looks better that way anyways though because then you can see the insides rather than it just looking like a plain pancake.  The egg crepe tasted alright, It was a little bit weird because I am used to dessert style crepes, but it wasn’t bad!

The Nutella crepe was delicious.  Not super sweet, and the fruit tasted very fresh.  And, well, you can’t really go wrong with Nutella.

I should also mention that these crepes were quite large.  I only ate about half of each of them and shared the rest.  I COULD have definitely eaten the whole dessert crepe though because it tasted so good!

Taste: A, good solid crepes.
Cost: A, I’m not sure really how much crepes generally cost but these seemed pretty reasonable considering how large they were.  The sweet was $6.50 and the savory $7.50

Would I go there again? I’m not sure if I would go there for a meal, but I do think I would go back for another dessert crepe.  MMmmmm Nutella and banana and strawberry and powdered sugar…….

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  1. My absolute favorite place in Reading Terminal Market 🙂

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