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How do I reduce waste?

Happy Friday everyone!

What are your plans for the weekend? I hope that Madison area friends plan on heading down to the square for the Taste of Madison!  I will definitely be there chowing down on some delicious foods. Check out my recap from last year if you don’t know what Taste of Madison is.  For those of you not in the Madison area, I will definitely report back and share with you all of the delicious foods that I had there sometime next week.


Can you believe that it is already September?!  The year is going by so incredibly fast, I can’t believe it. In September I’ll be doing some special posts about reducing my waste, so I thought I’d share with you what this all is about, and hopefully you can help me with some questions that I have.

Recently I was chosen through the Foodbuzz Tastemaker’s program by the GLAD Products Company to take a challenge to reduce landfill waste.  Throughout the month of September I will be writing several posts about what I learn as I challenge myself to reduce, reuse and recycle so that less of my garbage goes into landfills and more goes into recycling bins, compost piles, and reusable items get stored away for next time. Another part of this challenge is that I have to host a get-together where we attempt to put only ONE bag of garbage into the landfill – this means doing our best at recycling, reusing and composting the rest of the things. (That is DEFINITELY going to be a challenge) I am being compensated by Foodbuzz for participating in this challenge, but please know that every opinion that I share is my own and I wouldn’t not have signed up to do it if I wasn’t interested in the challenge of reducing my waste!


The nice people at GLAD sent me some of their garbage bags, recycling bags, and travel containers to use in the challenge as well as a counter top compost container. (!!) I know this is going to sound dorky, or hippie, or whatever but I’ve kind of always wanted a counter top compost.  You see, although I love the idea of composting, I can’t see myself going to an outdoor compost pile after every meal.  I’m lazy, I know.  Along with the container they also sent compostable bags. I have never seen these before and am excited to start using my compost bin…..I will definitely let you know how things go along the way.  My number one fear: my kitchen will smell like garbage.  There is a filter on the container though so hopefully this won’t be the case.

I am lucky to live in Madison where people are very familiar with the 3 R’s so I am definitely familiar with recycling and reducing waste – but I still think I can do better.  I’m excited to see what I learn this month, and I am excited to share it all with you as well!  Oh, and check out this awesome trash/recycling bin combo that they sent me.  Wait, but first, let me show you what I had to start with:

Trash CansYes, those are fish sticks.  Did I mention that I eat like an 8 year old?

And here is the new can:

New Trash

Such a wonderful change.

Now that I’ve shown you all of the wonderful things that Glad gave to me to help with the challenge, let me just re-emphasize to you – these things were given to me in exchange for writing about how I reduce waste.  Even though I was given them, the opinions that I share will be completely my own.  I promise.  Not even a fancy garbage can will sway me to tell you that something lame is awesome.

Now that we got all of that out of the way, I have some questions that I’m hoping some of you may be able to help me with so that I can do my best with this challenge –

What all is compostable?  I know things like banana peels and apple cores can be thrown in a compost pile…..but I’m guessing there is so much more that I don’t even think about that can be composted. Anyone care to help me out with this??  Feel free to send useful posts my way!!

Does anyone have a counter top compost bucket? Does that little filter really keep it from stinking up my house?? That really is my biggest fear.  Well, that and if somehow my cat gets into it and I wake up one morning with compost all over my kitchen….


Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!  I need to go make a list of all of the delicious foods that I need to try at Taste of Madison this weekend.  Who has been to Taste?  What is your “must get” item?  Mine: Cookie Dough Egg Rolls from Bluephies.

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  1. I am so excited for all the learning that will take placein my life due to these posts!

  2. That trash can looks great! I’m excited to hear some new ideas for reducing waste around my house too!

  3. Wow- that is such a cool garbage can! Can’t wait to read all of your posts about this!

  4. Where did you get that trash can? I want one!!

  5. I’m so interested in this challenge! I recycle, but I definitely dont compost, though id love to. I would be scared my dogs would bust into that bin though! Can’t wait to hear and read all your posts for this!

  6. You can compost fruit/veggie peels, coffee grounds (even the coffee pads/filters), tea bags/leaves, egg shells. I also toss in the peels from onions & garlic. Anything that is fruit/veggie related. I’ve only been composting for about a year, with part of the year our bin being inside and it hardly smells and I’ve got a pretty good nose. At first though we were using a small metal trash can without any type of filter, just an ill-fitting lid. The bin needs to have warmth and worms to compost, so don’t leave it near a sunny window. I was pretty shocked to open the trash can and after literally sticking my nose in there, not smell anything beyond well, fruits and veggies, but not rotten stuff. But I was only keeping it there for maybe a week and then putting it into a compost bag outside. If you’re keeping it in that plastic bin until it’s completely composted, it might smell.

    I’m American and live in Belgium and our commune (township) gives us compost bags or a free sturdy outdoor compost bin. We’re still using the compost bags (the garbage service picks them up each week) which are bigger than your typical kitchen size garbage bag and just not convenient for indoors. Anyway, I also put grass clippings in the bag. I’ve heard that it’s the grass clippings that make a stink, but I have a shaded place to put the bags and there still isn’t much of a smell. But even when I start the bag and only have fruit/veggie peels, my curious food-driven dog still doesn’t go for it. I don’t even put the bag in a covered trash bin, just twist it and put a brick on top to keep it from reopening.
    Don’t put any diseased plants in the bin. If you have a lot of sticks, it’s best to find a wood chipper. Paper towels can go in as well. I only use vinegar or baking soda for cleaning, but I don’t think I’d put paper towels in that have a regular cleaning fluid on them. Regular paper as well-best if shredded, and you’ll have to Google, but I think only certain inks are okay. No cooked foods, no animal feces.
    It is really easiest to just have a hole in your yard (or a bin) to throw the compost and stir it with a shovel periodically. Throw some worms in there if you’re not too squeamish. While I didn’t notice any scents and my dog isn’t interested, the small metal bin (it didn’t close tightly) seemed to occasionally attract flies and fruit flies once the weather started getting warmer in the spring. You can also easily make your own outdoor bin, any size, with a bit of Google research.
    Hope that helps. You can probably see my email so if you have any more questions, just send a message.

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