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Taste of Madison 2011

The original plan was to go to the Taste of Madison on Saturday evening with some friends.  Unfortunately, it was rainy all day Saturday and we all decided that we would enjoy our food much more without having to hold an umbrella, so we changed our plans to Sunday lunch.

We decided to go early, the festivities started at 11am and we got there around 11:15.  Parking was not a problem, and when we arrived on the square the crowds were minimal.  We planned on going early to avoid crowds and I think it worked!

As we made our way around the square, I started off with a strawberry banana smoothie from Electric Earth.(the link is to their Yelp page, I couldn’t find their website)  It was just alright, it was pretty thin and was not the fruit filled smoothie that I was hoping for.  The bendy straw was a fun addition though 🙂


Then the husband got some cheese curds from Daddy Rocks Catering  and shared a few which were delicious as cheese curds always are.  We did then see that The Old Fashioned had cheese curds a block later which I’ve had before and are probably even more delicious than these were.

Cheese Curds

Then we walked by Gotham Bagels and I got excited since I love bagels.  But sadly they were only offering a smoked whitefish gyro, which did not sounds very tasty to me.  Not that I really needed to eat a bagel when there were plenty of other things that I could try.

Gotham Bagels

Then we stopped at Sai Bai Thong for some mango with sticky rice.  Delicious.  I really have to learn how to make sticky rice, I’ve heard it isn’t difficult. I think I even read somewhere that it can be made in a rice cooker! (recipes welcomed 🙂 )

Mango Rice

The husband and I shared some curry from Lao Laan Xang.  I was hoping that they would have Pad Thai since I have heard that this place has awesome food, and that is my Thai food of choice, but unfortunately they didn’t.  This was pretty good, but if I had it as a full meal I think it would be a bit too spicy for me.


Last, but certainly not least, we stopped for a delicious chocolate chip cookie dough egg roll from Bluephies.  Sometimes I am afraid that I over hype them in my mind before I get them so much that I won’t think they are as good anymore.  But luckily it never happens,  they are always just as good.  Super rich, but definitely one of my favorite desserts ever.

Cookie Dough Egg Roll

It was lots of delicious fun walking around the square for the Taste of Madison!

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  1. I’m so jealous!! I read both yours and Jessica’s recaps and I wish I could have gone.

    For some reason, I never attend the Taste of… festivals when we have them in DFW. Perhaps I should change this?!

  2. I went to TOM several years ago and split both a butterfinger wonton and cookie dough eggroll with DH. Very tasty, but definitely deserves to be a once a year treat.

  3. Cookie dough egg roll FTW!! I feel like we need to find a way to recreate these…

  4. Sounds like you had a good time! My husband and I are moving to Madison next year so we will be there with bells on! I am so glad you posted a pic of the cheese curds. We are both HUGE cheese lovers and I can not wait to taste these. I was going to go to the Old Fashioned for mine as well. 😀 Thanks for the post! Oh and I also have a food blog that you are more than welcome to look over recipes. Let me know if you are looking for something in particular.
    May I also suggest a digital pressure cooker instead of a rice maker? A pressure cooker will cook rice like the rice maker but you can make so many other items in the cooker. I use mine all the time. Takecare! Your new friend in TN. 😀
    Tilapia Po Boy Sandwich Recipe

    • Oooh I’ll have to look into a pressure cooker, I never thought of that! Also: I cannot imagine being without cheese curds. They are the best, and you can find them pretty much everywhere in Wisconsin! 🙂 Thanks Crystal!

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