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Cake Batter Blondies

The majority of the recipes that I make come from other blogs.  A handful come from the cookbooks that I have, but generally I feel like it is a more productive (and entertaining) use of my time to search the internet for something to eat rather than sit down and flip through cookbooks. This often involves me searching through my Google Reader and starring favorites. Don’t get me wrong though, there are days when I could care less to stare at a computer screen, and enjoy flipping through the pages of cookbooks.

This recipe comes from a blog that I have many, many starred items for, I just haven’t made very many of them.  The Sweets Life is a great source for recipes of all kinds….especially of the sweets variety.  These particular blondies had been sitting in my Google Reader for way too long just waiting to be made.  So I finally made them – I’m not entirely sure what I was waiting so long for, but I guess now was just the right time. You can find the recipe here.

I actually ended up making these twice.  The first time I made them exactly as the recipe said.  They were good, but SO sweet and every inch was covered in chocolate chips.  Normally, I would just blame it on the fact that I don’t like super duper sweet desserts, but when my husband told me that they were really almost too sweet as well,  I knew I should make them again and take it down a notch.  (I realize after looking at this photo of the first batch compared to the second that they might have been a bit underdone as well. oops!)

Cake Batter Blondie

The second time I made them, I did everything the same except that I used half the amount of chocolate chips, and only sprinkled about a tablespoon of sprinkles on top of the batter before I cooked them.  They turned out much better, I think.  Still just as cakey tasting (actually MORE cakey tasting) but less sweet.  Much better suited for my taste buds.

Cake Batter BlondieCake Batter Blondie

Ease: A, not hard at all.
Taste: A – once I switched up the recipe a bit.

Would I make them again?  Yeah I think so.  The husband mentioned that the original super sweetness tasted like an artificial sugar type sweetness.  We think this is from all of the sprinkles.  Anyone know if it is possible to get “real” sugar sprinkles?   I’d like to see if I can find some and try it again with the original amount of sprinkles and see if it still tastes super sweet, or if it was the artificial taste of the sprinkles.


I’m headed to a Wildtree tasting party tonight.  It is a direct sales thing like Pampered Chef and Mary Kay.  Has anyone heard of Wildtree before?  I really have no idea what it is besides that it is food and it is supposed to be healthy.  Hopefully it will at least be fun and good food with friends!

Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  1. OK, those sound like they would be delicious (I usually LOVE things that others deem to be “too sweet”)! Once I have time to bake again, I may have to give them a try. 🙂

  2. i’m so glad you enjoyed these—they’re some of my favorites, though i can see how they might be ‘too sweet’ for some. i’m apparently immune to that! 🙂

  3. oh

    if these were to magically show up in my mail box, i wouldn’t complain 🙂

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