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For the Love of Cheese

I received this product from the Foodbuzz Tastemaker’s program to review but all of the opinions are completely my own.

You all know how much I love cheese, right?

In case you weren’t sure, please go read the post where I admit I am a Wisconsin stereotype.  Or maybe one of the many macaroni and cheese recipes that I have made. (P.S. I just made another new one last week!)  Knowing my love of all things cheesy, you will not be surprised to know that when the Foodbuzz Tastemaker’s asked me if I wanted to review Sargento cheese, I jumped at the chance.  I’d never pass up an opportunity to eat more cheese!

I figured the best way to test out these cheeses would be to make some cheese and crackers!  I was asked to compare the Sargento to a processed cheese (ie: American….is there other processed cheese? Cheese Whiz maybe…). So here goes!


Cheeses from left to right: American, Sargento Mozzarella Cheddar, Sargento Cheddar.

Combo #1: Soda cracker and American cheese

When I was a kid I actually had this combination of American cheese and saltine crackers pretty much daily as an after school snack.  And honestly, I still really like it.  Maybe it is just nostalgia or whatever, but it is definitely a comfort food for me and I’m not ashamed to admit that – in the form of crackers and cheese – I do actually quite enjoy American cheese.  Yes, I realize that processed cheese is not the best thing to put into my body, and I don’t eat it on a daily basis anymore, but on occasion  I still crave the stuff and have some cheese and crackers to fulfill that craving.

That being said, no it does not taste fresh, or really even compare at all in taste or quality to real cheese.  In any other situation, I would use real cheese, I guess this is just an old habit that seemed to stick with me.

Combo #2: Sargento and cracker

I picked up two Sargento cheeses: Low Fat Mild Cheddar and Cheddar Mozzarella.  I was particularly excited for the latter, since I had never seen it before!

I enjoyed the cheddar mozzarella more than the plain cheddar cheese.  Although both of them definitely tasted fresh and flavorful.  The mozzarella cheddar was just a bit softer and even more flavorful – I’m guessing because it is a blend of two cheeses.  The mozzarella cheddar would be fantastic in a grilled cheese sandwich!!

Something that I love about Sargento, is that it is a Wisconsin cheese!  Well, ok I’m not entirely sure that they are entirely made in Wisconsin anymore, but they started in Plymouth, WI and that is where their main location is now….but according to the career section of their website shows that they also have locations in Washington and South Dakota.


The real question of flavor should be asked to the biggest cheese lover in this house: Olive.  Olive LOVES cheese. She loves it so much that she will run into the kitchen when she hears the bag of shredded cheese being opened.  She even comes running when she hears the word cheese!  So lets see what she thinks.

Olive Cheese

This photo captures her excitement about the cheese.  Googly eyes and all!

Olive Cheese

Olive Cheese

Olive Cheese

Sometimes she does really hard tricks like balancing cheese on her (lack of) nose before eating it!

In both cases, I think the cheese went straight to her belly without even hitting her taste buds.  I’m pretty sure she enjoyed them both equally.  She is definitely not picky when it comes to cheese taste or quality.  Really any human food that she eats she isn’t picky about, with only a couple exceptions. 🙂

Are you a cheese lover? I’ve often said that I could never eat a vegan diet because of my love for cheese.  Some day maybe I will try vegan cheese and be surprised at how good it is.  I just don’t think it could ever compare to the real thing.

8 Responses

  1. I’m pretty much with you – I could never go vegan because of loving cheese so much!
    I really ought to cut back on how much I eat though. Apparently I have a mild dairy allergy, so the absurd amount of cheese and milk that I consume causes me to break out. 🙁
    But to go without it completely?? NEVER!

    • Yeah, my Mom is lactose intolerant, so I’ve always been afraid that I am too….and too much dairy does definitely bother me sometimes….but I’m hoping it never becomes that big of a problem!

  2. i am clearly a cheese lover – true wisconsinite here! 🙂

    i have to watch how much i eat though – i could eat it at every meal if i let myself!

  3. I love love love cheese. And so does my dog! The only way I can get him to take medicine is by wrapping it in cheese (and he also comes running when he hears cheese being opened in the kitchen!).

    • We’ve tried giving Olive cheese to take medicine, and I know a lot of other dogs that take pills that way, but she just eats the cheese and spits out the meds! Sneaky girl!

  4. I’m with you. Going thirty days without cheese for my vegan challenge was torture!

  5. Ok girl, my love for cheese is borderline obsessive. 😀 I keep about 4 blocks of cheese in the fridge, a bag of shredded, two blocks of cream cheese and a ton of milk. 😀 The hubs and I are both cheese fans.
    I am not sure if you have had a chance to view my blog but I recently became veggie-NOT vegan. LOL I too can not give up dairy. I have tried the vegan cheese and no comparison. I dont like eating alot of “processed” foods so I much rather eat a nice organic dairy cheese compared to a tofu cheese.
    I am posting a link to a great cheesy bean dip for you and your friends to try below…

    Memphis, TN
    Hot Bean Dip Recipe

  6. cheese and crackers are my FAVORITE food. seriously. I could eat them every day for the rest of my life!

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