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Miles for Ashley

Remember last week when I wrote that post about running, and how a big part of my choice to start running was because of other people’s encouragement and inspiration?  Did you click on the link about the Iron (Wo) Man?  If you did, you would have come to the site of my friend Healthy Ashley. 

The first time that I met Ashley was in the Summer of 2010 when she came to Madison for work, and that time happened to coincide with a blogger meetup that was being planned for Heather’s visit.  (I wasn’t even blogging yet at this time.)

After chatting with Ashley about the things she loved, it was clear that she had a passion for being active.  She talked about how awesome it was to be able to explore a new city by getting up in the morning and going for a run.  She talked about the confidence and mental high that being active gives you.  After this conversation, for the first time probably ever, I thought about running.

Last Winter while I was in Orlando, I met Ashley again.  I got to know Ashley even better. She had just gotten engaged and was beaming with excitement about her wedding and husband-t0-be.  We talked about weddings, dogs, cooking, yoga, and (among many other things) running.

Fast forward to this summer.  I started running.  Ashley continued to inspire me with her biking, hiking, running and yoga abilities. (ok, and her love for Lululemon may have influenced some decisions of mine as well. 🙂 )  Even after she moved to a new city, planned a wedding and found a job, her love of being active barely swayed throughout those stressful times.

Last weekend, while on a typical bike ride through the mountains of Asheville, NC, Ashley got into a frightening bike accident as she hit a patch of gravel going down hill.  (you can read her words about it here.) She just had surgery to put a screw in her fractured hip and is currently laying in a hospital bed with limited mobility from that and her other road rash from the accident.  As someone who inspires me so much, I was stunned and saddened to see her stuck in a hospital bed.  She will be off her feet for at least the next two months, and I can only imagine how hard that will be for her.

A couple of Ashley’s blogger friends have stepped up and organized some efforts to help her.

The first is a monetary fundraiser.  Since Ashley will not be working for at least the next two months, and have many hospital bills and expenses that need to be paid for, this is no doubt going to put a strain on her finances.  Callie of The Wannabe Athlete has organized a fundraiser effort where you can donate to Ashley through PayPal. (click here)

The second is a non-monetary effort.  Katy of KatyLoves had the brilliant idea to create #MilesForAshley.  Since Ashley has been such an athletic inspiration to so many of us, Katy started a movement that everyone can be involved in -even if you are not able to make a monetary donation.   If you go to the MilesForAshley page on Katy’s site, she is collecting miles. She is simply asking that you dedicate your activities to Ashley -weather it be yoga, running, biking, etc.  Then, come back to the MilesForAshley page and leave a comment with your miles.  Katy will update the page periodically and Ashley will be able to see that we all are supporting her through this hard time.  You can also get to the page by clicking on the badge on the right side of my blog that looks like this:
Let’s support our friend in any way that we can while she works through this bump in the road.  I’m sure she will be up and running (and biking and yogaing) again in no time! 🙂

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  1. Thank you so much for this Kelly. Wow. A whole beautiful, wonderful post around me. You are awesome. Can’t wait until the next time I’m lucky enough to see you!! <3

  2. What a wonderful motivator for your running right now! As soon as I’m back to running, I’ll be collecting miles for Ashley as well!

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