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Road Trip

This morning, I am headed off on a road trip.


I’m headed to Louisville, Kentucky for work.  This means about 8 hours in a car…..luckily my boss is accompanying me and doing most of the driving so I’ll hopefully be able to relax most of the time. 🙂

You might remember last year when I went to a trade show for work in Las Vegas around this time.  Well, this is the same trade show but it was moved to Louisville.  As much as I do enjoy Vegas for its entertainment and food selections, I’m trying to look an the bright side and be hopeful about the new food and entertainment experiences I will have in Louisville.

That being said, I am generally one to research the crap out of a trip before I go.  However, I have been SO busy the past few weeks that I have done pretty much no planning for this one.  Eeep! Luckily my boss takes care of all of the major stuff like hotel and conference registration, but the food plans are usually left up to me.  (Since I am the pickiest eater of all.)  I have done NO research on food options.  Zero.  Thank goodness for wireless internet and a smart phone, I have a feeling these will be saving me in the food department in the days to come.

Have you been to Louisville??
I would love your recommendations for good food and entertainment!!

Also, since I’ll be spending pretty much all of today on the road, I need some entertainment!! Have you written a good post that I should read? Have you read a good post that I should read? Do you have a favorite song that would make this road trip more enjoyable? Link me up!  Leave me links in the comments of this post, or Tweet me @kellynigl!

Oh, and since I’ll be technically working for the next four days, I’m hoping to post some “via iPhone” photo posts like I’ve done in the past if the internet cooperates but probably not much else.

I look forward to all of your suggestions!!  🙂

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  1. Try the Cheesecake Factory! Delicious! To bad the Derby isn’t going on….wouldn’t that be a fun pit-stop. I lived in Kentucky for a year and am ashamed to say I never made it.

  2. have fun! i hope you find lots of delicious food options. sometimes it’s fun going places without a plan and seeing where you end up! 🙂

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