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Wisconsin Sports Weekend

Happy October!
Happy Saturday!
Happy Sports!

This weekend is a great weekend to be a sports fan in Wisconsin!  All of our teams are doing great right now and they all have big games this weekend!

Today, the Badger football team takes on Nebraska.  There are supposedly thousands of people in town from Nebraska for the game,  and I believe it because everything seems to be much more crowded and there is a lot more traffic than normal! I’m sure it will be a crazy game day as usual downtown, but I’m confident that Bucky will pull of the win!

Motion W

On the NFL football side, the Packers have a big game tomorrow against the Denver Broncos!  They are currently 3 – o and I’m hopeful that this winning streak will continue with this game. Aaron Rodgers, Greg Jennings, Clay Matthews, and the list goes on.  I’m pretty sure Denver doesn’t have a chance.

On the baseball side, the Milwaukee Brewers are in the playoffs!  They have a couple of important games this weekend as well.  I’m probably least excited about watching these games, just because baseball isn’t as exciting to watch on TV as football.  However, I am pumped that they made it this far already and would be SO excited if they kept going!!  How awesome would it be to go to the World Series!?  The last few games have been intense, stressful endings – lets hope that these games go smoothly and Milwaukee wins with early runs, not in long, last few innings.

Along with sports watching this weekend, there is work to be done – the fun kind (knitting) and the not-so-fun kind (cleaning).  There will also hopefully be lots of relaxing and possibly some time outside in this gorgeous fall weather.


Are you a sports fan?  What team(s) are you rooting for this weekend?

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