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Apple Picking

Last week the husband and I took an afternoon off to go apple picking!  It is prime apple time of year so I figured if we went during the week it would be much less crowded and a much more enjoyable experience.  Last year, I picked apples at Eplegaarden so I decided to switch it up a bit this year and go to Door Creek Orchard in Cottage Grove.

Door Creek Orchard

As expected, it was pretty empty there and definitely a more relaxing trip than if there would have been crowds of people searching the trees for apples.  The weather was warmer than ideal for apple picking (over 80 degrees!) but at this point in the year I’ll take any sun I can get because it won’t be here for long!

Door Creek Orchard

While we were there we picked about 15lbs of apples, some of which were windfalls – meaning the wind blew them off the tree before they could be picked.  Windfalls are slightly less expensive than the tree apples and they are perfectly good for cooking with since you are more than likely chopping them up and cooking them anyways!

Deer Creek Orchard

We got a mix of Empire, Cortland, Golden Delicious and Jonafree apples.  The Empire apples are my favorite to eat raw, but I’m not picky when it comes to baking apples.

Door Creek Orchard

I’ve made a few apple recipes already and have some more on my list to make.  I’ll be sure to share them with you in the near future. 🙂

Door Creek Orchard


Do you pick your own fruits and/or veggies? I try to go apple picking every year since fresh off the tree apples are SO delicious compared to those bought in a store.  I really wanted to go strawberry picking this year as well but the strawberry season was over by the time I could have gone. 🙁 

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  1. I’m going apple picking this Saturday!! It will be the first time I’ll pick my own produce. So excited!!

  2. Uh no fair! I wanna go apple picking…. LOL then I should go, right? 😛
    Last weekend I walked through a corn maze, does that count? 😀
    Nice pictures. I have never tried Empire apples. I will have to some day. My faves are Fuji and Golden Delicious.

    FoodBuzz Featured Publisher

  3. I have never been a’pickin’ but goodness it sounds like so much fun!!

  4. Empires are my FAVORITE.

    And do I U-Pick my own fruit? Hahahaha. I think you know the answer to that

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