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Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

Two chocolate chip cookie recipes in one week?  Why not!  I was already planning on posting about the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie recipe, and then I came across this one and it was so delicious  I had to share it as well.

This recipe was very easy, and similar to the Tollhouse recipe that is my standard, but with some small changes.  You can find it here.

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

One of the big things that was different about this recipe is that it uses semi-sweet and milk chocolate chips. I generally only use semi-sweet so this was a nice change for a slightly different flavor.  It also uses a bunch more chips than I generally put in.  You can see in the photo above that they are loaded with chips, and I left out about 1/4 cup of chips because it seemed like it would be too much.  So, my cookies had 1 cup of semi-sweet and 1 cup of milk chocolate – plenty of delicious chips!

These also seemed to be more buttery than the normal cookies that  I make, but that could have just been the milkiness of the milk chocolate chips coming through as well.

Ease: A, a pretty standard cookie recipe.
Taste: A+, these were really delicious.  Its funny how something as simple as changing what kind of chocolate chips you put into them can liven them up and make them taste like something totally new!

Would I make them again? I think so.  The only problem is that I don’t generally keep milk chocolate chips on hand, so it would probably have to be for a special occasion.  Or Costco could start selling selling large bags of milk chocolate chips along with the semi-sweet chocolate chips that I already buy from there……although it would be pretty dangerous to have 2 72oz bags of chocolate chips in my house….

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  1. I’ve been craving chocolate chip cookies lately. I have a hard time getting mine to turn out though. Maybe I’ll have better luck with this recipe!

  2. Definitely make these. They are like 50% chocolate chips, so I’m not sure how you can go wrong! 🙂

  3. holy cow, I wished I baked. These look amazing!

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