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Maple Banana Bread

Oh, banana bread, you are such a great fallback recipe when you don’t know what you want to make.  I almost always have banana’s in the house, and no matter what the rest of the recipe calls for, the bananas always make it moist and help to sweeten it a bit.

This particular recipe comes for a site called Food In Jars, which is a site dedicated to all things canning and preserving.  I was interested in trying their recipe for banana bread because it used fruit butter and maple syrup!  I happened to have some apple butter at home, and well, I pretty much always have maple syrup, so I knew this would be easy.  You can find the recipe here.

Maple Banana BreadIt was pretty easy to make, just like most quick breads.  It turns out to be a bit more dense than some of the other quick breads that I’ve made in the past, but as they point on with the recipe, this means that the bread will hold up to toasting and re-warming better!

Maple Banana BreadThe husband and I really liked this bread.  The loaf was gone within 48 hours….maybe even within 24 hours, I wasn’t really keeping track.

Ease: A, a pretty standard quick bread recipe.
Taste: A, delicious.  Not super sweet, but just enough to make it taste like a treat and not just a piece of bread.

Would I make it again?  Definitely. It is an easy, slightly different twist on banana bread that everyone is sure to love.

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  1. So glad you made and liked that loaf!

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