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Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

This recipe comes from the fabulously entertaining and awesome blog Peas and Thank You. Mama Pea and the family are so funny and sweet and interesting and entertaining that I look forward to reading the posts every day.  Oh, and they only cook (and eat) veggie filled foods. Yes, even her two young girls are more adventurous eaters than I am. I’m learning. 🙂  This particular recipe is for chocolate chip cookie cake.  You can find it here. (unfortunately the recipe post is no longer available 🙁 )

 Cookie Pie

Yup.  Its like one giant cookie.  One, very large, delicious, vegan (although mine is not because I used cows milk) cookie.  Seriously delicious.  This giant cookie – or possibly a few smaller slices of cookie – has the perfect proportion of chocolate chips, is not overly sweet, and it is thick enough that you don’t need to eat it with a fork without it falling apart.  Also, since you bake it in a spring-form pan, it is a whole lot easier to cut than normal brownies or cookie bars….and for some reason cookies cut as wedges just seem more fancy to me than squares.

Growing up I always wanted brownies, or something different for my birthday “cake” and this definitely would fit in that category.  Hmmm….maybe I will take it to work as a birthday treat this year…..

Ease: A, very easy.  Oh, and don’t let the flax “egg” intimidate you.  It really is not difficult AND it makes the dough safe to eat raw!  🙂
Taste: A+, YUM!  I would much prefer this cookie cake to other normal cakes. Not super sweet, but still delicious and chocolatey.

Would I make it again? Definitely.  So good.

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