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Slow Cooker Chicken Chili

Ever since I started making my own chili last year, I’ve been a big fan.  I love that I can customize it to meet my tastes, and that it is fairly simple and painless to cook.  Last year (well, and this year so far) I was hooked on the 5 step chili from How Sweet It Is. I made it multiple times with chicken and turkey, and it always turned out great.

Recently at work, we had a little potluck for a coworker that was leaving.  People were bringing cheese and crackers, fruit, desserts, and more.  However, none of these items were warm.  November in Wisconsin = warm food, to me at least.  At first, I was baffled as to how I could bring something that is warm, and keep it warm as people graze on it all day.  Enter: the crock pot.  I don’t use my crock pot often, but that really is only because most of the recipes that I find and want to try don’t require it.

After I figured out HOW I was going to keep the food warm, I was still in a bit of a rut as to WHAT I would make.  Then I remembered how much I enjoy chili, and thought that others would too.  I knew crock pot chili recipes were fairly common, so I searched one out and decided to go for it. You can find the one I used here.

Slow Cooker Chicken ChiliWhen choosing a recipe, clearly I was desperate becuase that ingredients list is huge!  This is definitely not as simple as the 5 Step Chili – well, as far as the ingredients go at least, but really you just let it sit in the pot for hours so it isn’t all that hard either.

My coworkers really seemed to enjoy this chili!  (And its a good thing because there was lots of it!) I, however, did not love it.  I definitely prefer the chunkiness of the 5 step chili.  The flavor of this one wasn’t bad, it just was not as tomato filled as the other version, and I didn’t think that the chicken had as much flavor either. The chicken was also much less chunky in this version, which I was not a fan of.  Oh well, nothing that can’t be solved with piling on lots of cheese! 🙂

Ease: A-, Its hard for me to give it lower than an A since it is a crock pot recipe, but there really is a long list of ingredients to consider.
B, not my favorite, but others seemed to like it!

Would I make it again? I don’t think so.  I really like the other version better.  Maybe next time I will just make that on the stove top and then bring the crock pot in to work with me to keep it warm.  That sounds like a much better plan!

How do you like your chili?  Chunky? Meaty? Veggie filled? Please share! 🙂

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  1. i STILL need to make chili this year! and the cold weather is REALLY making me want some.

  2. Wow, that chili does have a lot of ingredients but the sweet potato looks so interesting! I may have to try this!! 🙂

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