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Restaurant Review: Boa Steakhouse

Full Disclosure:  I paid for this meal with my own money and I was in no way reimbursed for this blog post.  The opinions are completely my own.

Many years ago…..way back in 2006…..the husband and I went to Los Angeles for the first time together.  It was kind of on a whim because we wanted to go on a vacation and thought it would be a fun place to go.  We stayed in a fancy hotel and did all of the fun touristy things. One night, we went to the concierge at our hotel to ask them for a nice steak place to eat dinner at.  After some calls and checking, they got us reservations at Boa Steakhouse on Sunset Boulevard.  Little did we know that we were in over our heads and this was a super fancy restaurant and celebrity hot spot.  This meal was easily the most expensive, fancy, and delicious meal that we had ever had.

This time while we were in Los Angeles, I was looking for nice places to eat and again came across this restaurant.  Unfortunately I was looking for reservations for a group of 9 just a few days before the trip, and I was pretty sure there was no way that they would have room for us at a reasonable dinner time.  But, just for fun, I put the information into Open Table and magically it came up with a reservation! I was so excited to get to go there again – but also a bit weary.  What if it wasn’t as good as we remembered? It was 5 years ago, and the first fancy steak place that we had been to.  But I figured I would just go with it and hopefully I wouldn’t let people down with my choice.

When we arrived at the restaurant, it was different than we remembered, but still a nice, fancy steakhouse.  From the beginning the server and waitstaff were fantastic.  They were very accommodating to everyone’s needs, friendly, and entertaining.

The meals starts off with bread, as many steakhouse’s do.  And when you finish one roll, they will bring you another…..until you tell them to stop.  This is awesome (because bread is awesome) but also hard to not fill up on bread before the rest of your delicious meal comes.

Boa Bread

Most of the table started with drinks, a bunch of us shared a few different kinds of wine.  I opted for the Pinot Noir.  It was delicious.

Boa Wine

As with most higher end steakhouse, everything you order is a la carte.  So basically you order a steak and your salad, and other sides, are extra (and optional.)  The waiter suggested their Caesar salad – which is made table-side!  I am not a fan of Caesar, but I’m glad others got it because I wanted to see them make it at the table.  It was fun to see them make it at the table – they made the dressing and everything, not just toss the salad in front of you.

Salad Guy

Caeser Salad

I opted for the wedge salad, which was delicious as well.  (I forgot to take a photo before I started eating it….oops.)

Wedge Salad

For dinner, per the waiter’s suggestion, I ordered the bone-in fillet.  I usually order a fillet, but I’ve never had a bone-in before.  The waiter said that it was as tender as a normal fillet, but juicier and more  flavorful than a normal fillet because the bone is still attached. Well, I was definitely impressed with this steak.  It was really delicious, juicy, and perfectly cooked.   The bone was a little annoying to cut around, but really it was no big deal, and definitely worth it for the extra flavor.


As a table, we shared a bunch of different sides, fries, corn, baked potato, and (what I thought was the most delicious and different) lobster twice baked potato.  I’m not usually a huge fan of twice baked potato, but this was pretty awesome.  Really though, lobster added to anything makes it pretty great.

Lobster Potato

Everyone enjoyed their food, and drinks.  The overall meal was fantastic, and a great way to end a great vacation.  Top notch waitstaff and food.  The atmosphere of the restaurant was cozy, but not so much that we felt like everyone was crammed into a small spot.

Boa Outside

We actually were seated outside, but they had privacy walls and trees blocking the crowded streets and heaters so that we couldn’t feel the cool winds.  It was super fancy, and probably the most expensive meal that I’ve ever eaten, but it was perfect.

Taste: A+ really delicious.  I’m so glad that it was as good as I remembered.
Cost: B+, yes, it was expensive, but it was also some of the best food that I have ever had, so I’d say it was pretty much worth it.

Would I go there again? Absolutely. 100%.  No question.

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