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Holidays Are For Eating {part 1}

I’m  a picky eater, and everyone around me knows it.  I often get questions like “Do you eat this?” or “Do you like that?”  Generally, I think, people are surprised by my answers.  For the record: No, I don’t like peanut butter, or bacon.  Yes, I do eat hot dogs.  Being a picky eater during the holidays is tricky since they seem to be very centered around food.  Over the years I’ve come up with some strategies to get through those food filled days without going hungry, so I thought I’d share them with you.  These tips could also be useful if you aren’t just picky, but have actual dietary restrictions as well.

  1. Bring something that you know you will eat.  Whether you are going to a gathering of family, co-workers, or friends, more than likely you will be asked to bring something to contribute to the meal.  (if not, volunteer!)  Make sure that whatever you bring is something that you will eat and enjoy.  Even if you are just asked to bring some kind of side dish, don’t think that that couldn’t be the main part of your meal!  Think about things like a grain based salad.  For people eating the main dish (whatever it may be) this could be a great side addition.  If it turns out that you don’t enjoy whatever the main dish is, this could be the bulk of your meal.
    Chobani Mac
  2. If you do have actual food allergies, make sure that you let the host know! This could be combined with offering to bring something that fits your needs, but you don’t want to risk eating something that will upset your body on such a special and fun day.  Although I know some people might think it is rude, I definitely lean towards asking what kind of food will be served (especially if I am not bringing a dish of my own.) to make sure that I will be prepared ahead of time.  Since I am so picky, I don’t like to be surprised about what we’ll be having and then end up hungry and unhappy at an event that I should be enjoying.  If it turns out that they are having something that I won’t like, I then offer to bring something to compliment the main dish.  See #1.
  3. Always pack snacks.  I always keep a granola bar, or fruit snacks, or something to snack on in my purse in case of emergency.  This is particularly important when going to Holiday parties.  Nothing is worse than wanting to hang out with friends and family while battling your stomach telling you that it needs food, and stat.  I find this to be particularly important when you go to a holiday party that is catered.  Most of the time, you don’t really know what you are going to be eating.  Yes, maybe you checked the box that you wanted “Chicken,” but how that chicken tastes, or what comes with that chicken is really up in the air.  Having these emergency snacks is key (for me at least) to have an enjoyable time at these events.
    Cereal Bars
Those are just a few tips that help me  eat good food – that I enjoy – during the holidays.  I realize they are not for everyone, but they help me, so I thought they might help some of you too!

How do you plan for the season of Holiday eating? Please share your tips in the comments!

Coming up in Part 2: How not to overeat all of the foods you DO love during the holiday season!

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  1. I definitely follow the “bring something you’ll eat” rule. And since I have a super, super picky older sister, when we do family meals at home, I cater to her, and make something SHE will eat!

  2. These are the same guidelines I use as well! Especially at work where holiday celebrations most often involve baked goods and junk food. I make sure I have healthy options by being the one to bring healthy food! A nice fruit tray is something that everyone can enjoy.

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