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Buttery Cloverleaf Rolls

For my family Thanksgiving meal (yes, I realize that was over two weeks ago) I was asked to bring bread.  As much as I love making things to bring to meals, bread is not something that I make all that often.  This is both good and bad.  It is a good thing because I have loads of bread recipes bookmarked to make, but since I haven’t ever made “real” bread (like with yeast) I was a bit scared. However, making something with yeast is on my 101 in 1001 list, and I do love bread, so I thought I’d try making “real” bread for at least one of my options.

For my first bread option to bring to Thanksgiving, I decided on Buttery Cloverleaf Rolls.  The recipe I used if from How Sweet It Is and can be found here.

The other concern I had with making all of this bread is that it needed to be fresh out of the oven.  Since I had to be over at my parents house by 11am, and I’m not a big morning person, I wasn’t sure how I was going to make 3 different kinds of bread (including one that needed time for the dough to rise) and have them still be fresh.  I decided that to save time, and hopefully not ruin the rolls at the same time, I would make the dough for the rolls the night before, and bake them in the morning.  So, the night before Thanksgiving I made all of the dough and formed it in the tins and kept it in my refrigerator hoping that I wouldn’t have a disaster in the morning.

Buttery Cloverleaf Rolls

Luckily, my strategy worked! The rolls turned out just fine, I just had to bake them a bit longer since they started out cold rather than room temperature.

Everyone at Thanksgiving enjoyed the Buttery Cloverleaf rolls and my first time using yeast was a success! Although it was a little intimidating to start with, I’m glad I got over it and did it anyways.  Definitely worth it.

Ease: B-, they do take quite a bit of work, but not difficult, just time consuming.
Taste: A, buttery and delicious.

Would I make them again? Yeah I think so!  I bet they would be good as garlic bread type rolls as well with some garlicky topping added.  YUM!

Have you baked with yeast before? What have you made? Now that I’ve done it, I’m kind of excited to do it again! I’m thinking maybe pretzels this time…..oooh or those garlic knots that I’ve been wanting to make forever…..

Stay tuned later today for the other bread that I made for Thanksgiving!

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  1. so proud of you! Getting over my fear of baking with yeast was a BIG step in getting comfortable in the kitchen 🙂

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