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Glazed Doughnut Muffins

Sometimes I think people try to pass foods as “healthy,” or not at “dessert” by giving them a different name.  These are one of those times.  Glazed Doughnut = Sugary, decadent, and delicious.  Muffin = Breakfast, fluffy, generally somewhat healthy. If they would have been called cupcakes rather than muffins, there would be no question that these were a sugary dessert.

Let me just tell you – I did not make these thinking that they are in any way healthy.  Well, maybe I did expect them to be a bit more healthy than a fried, glazed, doughnut, but I didn’t really think that they would be something that would be widely approved as health food.  You can find the recipe here.

Glazed Donut Muffin

Glazed Muffin

Glazed Muffin

Did I get a little carried away with the photos? Maybe.  But there is just something about drippy glaze that is so appealing and looks so good in photos, I just couldn’t resist.

After making these, I realized that there is really something more to naming something a cupcake vs. muffin.  And this does definitely qualify as a muffin.  They are pretty dense, and have a breadier texture – not so different from a cake doughnut.  There was no cover-up going on, it would be wrong to call these cupcakes.

Overall these were very easy to make.  Honestly, I think they turned out better than I thought they would.  The texture was very similar to a cake doughnut and the glaze adds a delicious sweetness that definitely edges it towards doughnut.

Ease: A, easy.  Even the glaze was really foolproof.
Taste: A, they were really good.  I great middle ground between muffin and super sweet and sugary doughnut.

Would I make them again? Yeah I think so.  They would be good to bring to a breakfast, OR as a dessert to any meal!

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  1. I just saw these the other night and was actually wondering whether or not they’d be worth it, so I’m glad you made them so I could read what you thought!

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