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Chewy Peppermint Mocha Cookies

Holidays are about baking.  Baking for you, baking for others, baking for no reason in particular.  This year I had MANY different things on my list that I wanted to make, but as always, I had to pick and choose because I was limited with time.

One of my favorite hot coffee drinks of all time is the peppermint latte.  I drink them year round, and I love them.  Before I liked coffee all that much, I enjoyed mocha latte’s.  The chocolate does a good job of hiding the sometimes bitter coffee flavor. When I saw these cookies, I knew I needed to make them.  They are a fantastic combination of two things I love – my peppermint latte’s, and chocolate.  You can find the recipe here.

Peppermint Mocha Cookies

The photos don’t really do these cookies justice.  You need to smell them to know the awesomeness.

Peppermint Mocha Cookies

I changed a couple of small things about the recipe.  I used semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of dark chocolate, and I didn’t do the white chocolate drizzle on top.  I don’t really think those things impacted the cookies much though, because they still turned out to be delicious.  They do not taste super pepperminty, or super a lot like coffee, the chocolate does a good job of slightly disguising the stronger flavors and blending it all together.

I’ve made these twice now, one batch I brought into work, and the other will be part of our Christmas brunch cookie spread.  My co-workers LOVED these cookies – and I did too.

Ease: A, just like any other basic cookie!
Taste: A+, really delicious – but if you don’t like coffee they might not be your thing.  The husband is not a fan of coffee at all and said he could definitely taste it in the cookie.

Would I make them again?  I have already, and I’m sure I will again.  They are a nice change from a simple chocolate chip cookie or brownies – but they are just as easy to make!


Looking for more Holiday dessert inspiration?  Check out Little Bitty Bakes.  Liz has been doing 17 days of cookies – 17 different recipes using the same base dough!  I’m pretty sure I have bookmarked every single recipe to make at some point.  I feel these s’more’s cookie cups calling my name….

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  1. Thank you for mentioning my cookie adventure!

    Peppermint mocha cookies sound incredible – I’m obsessed with the Starbucks drink this year, and consequently am obsessed with all things peppermint and mocha. And of course cookies… 😉

    • You would LOVE these cookies.

      And seriously, I think I want to make every cookie that you have made so far. And I LOVE that they all have the same base dough! 🙂

  2. YUM! They’re like the cookie version of my fave holiday Sbucks drink 😀

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